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Who loves cake? I love cake, Who loves personalised things? I love personalised things, So when I discovered a company who allowed you to print whatever you wanted on your cake I had to get myself one. 

As I soon found out, the whole personanlise your cake thing wasn't their best selling point, no, they had somthing better - Letter Box Cakes. When I initially read this I thought, what a terrible idea, there is no way my cake is going to come in the post, through my letter box in one piece.

Well, I was wrong.

A few days after discussing with the team what I wanted my cake to look like, I recieved a parcel the same size as a video cassette, i had no idea that it had my cake inside and sure enough, it was fine. Inside the package was a pretty little tin which contained my personalised cake, after checking that it looked fine - Alot better than expected, I put it back and gave it a little throw around to see how stable it was, it looked exaclty the same!

The cake itself was suprisingly moist and very yummy. I was a bit upset to eat it to be fair but the taste soon took my mind off of it haha I took myself a slice and them left it downstairs for the family who didnt take long to destroy it! 

Personalised Cake* - Baker Days

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  1. ahhh this is amazing! so cute :) such a great idea for a present :)
    ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  2. What a great idea!


  3. aww that's so cute! xxx

    Olivia |


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