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Hey Guys! Im having a stressy day so I've turned to my blog to take my mind off of it haha Hope you enjoy todays post!

Lilac is all the rage these days so I thought why not go all out and wear it all at once! All I need to finish this off I think is some lovely lilac lipstick from Lime Crime!

This post started as another installment of Stargazer Lashes to show you all but I had my purple wig sitting on the side and I though why not?! Coinsenentally I had purple trousers on at the time, kinda strange really. These are my lazing around trousers. I have so many different pairs, they were like £3 in markets all over Israel so when I went last year, so I got like 6 pairs.

These lashes were alot more sparce and elegant that those I've tried on the past, they are still lovely and big but a little less understated! I still love them tho, I've got a couple more very intersting sets to show you soon.

I think im gonna add a new little section thing to my blog - 

Todays Favourites
Just anything I'm loving at the moment that I can add into a post to show you guys!

This week it's got to be Tea Pigs. Ive always been a green/peppermint tea fan because my stomach is constantly a mess so when I started my internship I was very pleased to be introduced to Tea Pigs! They have some amazing types of tea all very high quality and some really unique flavours! If your a tea lover of any kind suggest you try them out, you'll love it! I've got a chocolate flake and chai tea which I'm very excited to try!

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  1. Love the lashes!

    I'm hosting a giveaway if you're interested! xo

  2. My flatmate is obsessed with tea pigs, I've never tried them but love green tea!

    Efia @ Effy Talks Life



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