LIFESTYLE: Cocktail Class

Since becomaing a blogger I have discovered my love for cocktails! So last Monday's event was perfect for me in my cocktail discovery! The Millennium Hotel put on a cocktail class for a few london bloggers so not only could I drink cocktails, now I can learn how to make them.

After being greeted by the lovely team with a glass of champagne, lots of canopes and chatting with my fellow bloggers we were given a full tour of the hotel, which was somthing I was really intersted in as london hotels are a speciality of mine and andrews hahah staying in a lovely london hotel is one of those things we will do when we have a spare weekend and some extra money so it was a good chance for me to get a look around and see if we fancy it for our next break and It was very nice!

As you can imagine I got a little bit drunk. I was very pleased with myself when the next day I found three pages of helpful notes that I had writeen in my tipsy state. Always on the ball! haha

The hotel is located in pretty grovsner square just behind bond street station, it has a total of 336 guest rooms, one of which has a japanese theme to it. We were told that on a very expernise night during the olympics, one of the bigger rooms can go for £2,000 a night! Thats crazy. My notes also tell me that JLS had performed in one of the hotels bars before breaking up recently. Another interesting note I made was that the new name for cocktail barment is  mixologists, how cool is that?

Thank you to The Millennium Hotel for a great night!

Heres a few photos from the night!

Also, I have just put a few things up on EBAY if anyone is interested!
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  1. sounds like a fabulous eve x

  2. Thank you for the kind comments on my blog- I feel like I've cut off half my hair so I'm glad you like it :)
    Notes! You're so much of a more organized blogger than me :) can you mix a cosmopolitan? X

  3. cocktails are there to get you a little happy! looks like an amazing hotel and a lovely evening!

  4. Looks like a great time! (:



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