FASHION: Day And Night With DUO Boots

Wednesday 30 April 2014

I have been a fan of DUO boots for a while now after being contacted a couple of years ago about a competition they were running as I was very pleased to hear from this again recently about a new competition! The aim of the game is to style one pair of boots for the day and the same boots for the evening! Check out how I did it!

Both outfits are pretty similar in the bottom half but if you follow my blog you will know that I wear my new black jeans with absolutely everything, day or night - Shopping, clubbing, dinner?! They are also pretty similar in the face and hair but that's just me, I only ever wear eyeliner and have my hair down, Unless I get really hot in the club, then I just tie it up!

So my first outfit is pretty casual which is just how I like my day time outfit, this really is a shoppingat Lakeside and lunch at Pret kind of look! I've got a comfy little tee and my big satchel to keep all my stuff in plus the boots are super comfy so great for walking around all day.

Now I though I might have a little trouble for the evening as I normally go out in heels but I just put together a normal clubbing look for me and added the boots rather than a chunky pair of heels and they look just as good, minus the sore feet at the end of the night! I though since the whole outfit was rather black it would be a nice idea to add some of my coloured Swarovski crystal bracelets and I'm ready for my evening. I normally go bag-less and just keep my phone and cards in my pockets!

Boots* - DUO
Blue Tee - River Island
Black Crop - Lipsy
Jeans - Primark
Satchel* - Zatchels
Bracelets* - Lola & Grace

LIFESTYLE: Chocomix Personalised Chocolate Bar

Tuesday 29 April 2014

When I was younger I used to pour a packet of chocolate buttons into my salt and vinegar crisps and it was the most amazing taste combination, everyone used to look at me like I was crazy but I didn't care, it tasted so good!

So when I was offered the chance to create my own bar of personalised chocolate with almost any topping I wanted, I knew salt and vinegar crisps had to be one of them.

Chocomix offer nine different base bars from good old milk chocolate to strawberry white chocolate and all sorts of others. I was very surprised at the quality of it, its really good! You then get to pick up five topping from their huge list (over 100) which will be put into your dream bar!

I was sent two bars - one of my choice and another popular one! My one was covered in salt and vinegar crisps (obvs) cornflakes, smarties and Oreos. I love a crunchy bar of chocolate, as does my mum apparently because as soon as they arrived we sat down and basically finished off the whole bar before breakfast haha. The second bar was covered in pretzels, Oreos, fudge and peanut butter pieces! This one wasn't so much to my taste, but that's why its great, you can make the bar completely personal to you and my dad loved it!

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LIFESTYLE: Maximise Hen Party

Monday 28 April 2014

I've recently been involved in a fun little project with a company called Maximise and I thought I'd tell you a little about what I've been doing with then before our project comes to life!

Maximise is a company that plans stag and hen weekends packages which include everything you need for the perfect pre-wedding party from the food to the accommodation and everything else. They work with great destination all over the UK.

They got in touch with me and a few other bloggers to ask us to help put together a new package for healthy living brides! So a few weeks ago, we all got together in a hotel conference room (ohh very buisnessy) for a focus group to put out ideas together. 

Apparently alot of women nowadays are opting for a healthy hen party - dance classes and healthy food over clubbing and a kebab. Our target audience is 25-35 (which I know I am a little young for haha) We are trying to plan a two night stay in London for £180.

So let me tell you a few of the ideas we all liked!

Having some ‘luxury’ as well as active element - a nice place to stay basically haha full of little surprises for everyone, things like matching PJs and sweets hidden under pillows! As for the food, we all swayed to sushi or sushi making classes and cocktails and smoothies which I was happy with, all super yummy and mostly healthy too!!

 We were thinking, one night out and one night in, alot of the girls didn't like the idea of clubbing which I understood so we agreed on something like a cocktail class in a nice bar where was could all be together and have fun together without the too loud music and creepy guys haha
One idea that everyone apart from me loved was a "Hen's Name" 5K hen run. I honestly could not think of anything worse. seriously, it sounds like my absolute nightmare. 

So what's next? Maximise are taking all our ideas and putting together the package. (hopefully withouth the 5K run) Then when it's ready, we get to be the first to try it out!
 You can read more and keep up to day at the hen hub here.

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FASHION: Cruise Fashion - All Aboard the MSC

Friday 25 April 2014

Last week, MSC Cruises got in touch and asked me what I would wear for an evening on one of their fleet starting with a cocktail reception, then a big meal and a night of dancing afterwards.
Luckily for me I know exactly what I would wear for such an occasion because I spend my childhood growing up on cruises (my mum suddenly decided shes was scared of planes when I was eight and we've been cruising ever since!) and since I have been old enough, that is how I have spent alot of my cruising evening! 

I picked this outfit as it would be perfect for each occasion - it works for cocktails, dinner and dancing!!

Pretty cocktails on the sun deck - It's light and summery to wear out in the sun, and obviously you can take off the jacket when it gets super hot. Pairing the set with a crop top injects it with a bit of my style and of course we need a cool pair of sunglasses to look off into the distance in as we set sail haha. 

On to dinner, a smart matching suit set, simple heels and the high waisted shorts are great for hiding the food baby after you couldn't decide which main you wanted so you just ordered them both. (Andrew and I did this on many nights last time we were on a cruise together hahah) 

Then, for some after dinner dancing - as you can see, we have a nice pair of heels and a crop top and those are my two essentials for an evening out!

After that, we have a little midnight wander around the ship, pick up some more food from the 24 hours buffet and back to our cabin!

Jacket* & Shorts* - Very
Sunglasses* - Next
Crop - ASOS
Heels - Primark

LIFESTYLE: New Healthy Foods

Thursday 24 April 2014

I've been sent a few healthy options lately so I though it might be nice to put them all into one post! I was pretty impressed with most of them and would happily eat them again, not so much with others! 

Have You Heard Of Any Of These Before?

KOJI is a new additive free drink in a pretty glass bottle, the rest of the packaging is simple and the drinks are only 49 calories each which is good! The actual juices are a lovely appetising colour, you know when you just look and it and think, that looks yummy! I just wanted to drink it regardless of what flavour it was. From the names, I expected my favourite to be the elderflower one and it was! Its so yummy although it has a little aftertaste similar to what you get from sparkling water.


There was a very satisfying pop when I opened the jars for the first time! Both tasted great, I do love a bit of jam now and then especially strawberry but it was nice to try a new flavour too! It was packed full of fruit, alot more that a normal jam and apparently has a reduced amount of sugar in it.

One thing I did notice, it was very lightly set and would move around in the jar although that's the only bad thing I can say about it and it didn't really bother me. 


Jim Jams Chocolate Spread is A No Added Sugar Milk Chocolate Spread - not that you would know any different - the smell when you open it is so strong and amazingly rich and indulgent first thing I did was grab and spoon and get stuck in haha yum! It's just as chocolatey but contains less calories and is better for your teeth! What more could you want from a chocolate spread?


Goldenberry juice is the next big thing so I've heard. It tastes delicious and has a good source of Vitamin A which is good for healthy skin!


FASHION: Matalan Style Project

Wednesday 23 April 2014

 This week, I was finally asked to take part in one of Matalan's style challenges, I've always wanted to have been asked since seeing them on lots of my favourite blogs!

Basically, Matalan pick four bloggers, give them £50 and a theme to style and outfit around. This time it was ART POP 

I picked this pretty little cami top - I love the print. I wear cami's all the time now but this is my first printed one, I like that its bold and easy to see, I'm not a big fan of tiny little ditsy prints. 

I also got a chance to push myself to try a trend that I would never normally go for - boyfriend jeans. I don't think I have worn any style other than skinny for five or six years now so I was a bit apprehensive but paired with heels they just fine, it just gives them a feminine touch.

Heels, Jeans & Cami - Matalan*

FASHION: Thailand Style With Zatchels, Motel Rocks and Converse

Tuesday 22 April 2014

Andrew photographed this look for me yesterday and I just love it. It is definitely going to be one of the outfits that I will be taking to Thailand with me. I had a bit of a scary realisation the other day that all of my summer clothes are crop tops and although that has been fine for England, and Maga and every where else I have been it might not be right for Thailand especially for visiting the temples and stuff like that. So this dress is one of the few outfits that I have started collecting that are a little more modest!

I also realised that I am going to need a big, strong bag - walking around the markets and doing all the kind of stuff in Bangkok! I was gifted this Zatchels satchel and it's perfect! It's a very sturdy, thick, leather and very safe with its two buckely bits. I'm going to need to keep all my stuff in there as well as Andrews, so it's a great size - Sunglasses, water, wallets, cameras, emergency snacks haha I also love its super cute holographic design - I found it in the kids section!

The whole outfit is finished off with my new pair of white converse which I am also planning to wear quite alot on holiday. As much as I love sandals I am quite scared about being in a new country with open toe shoes. I'm a bit weird like that haha I don't like wearing sandals when I go into London as I am scared that someone will stand on my toes so I'm pretty sure I will be spending all my time in Bankok in these!

P.S I'd love if you could vote for me in the Matalan Style Challenge this month!

Bag* - Zatchels
Dress - Motel Rocks
Shoes* - BANK

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FASHION: Good Friday Style

Monday 21 April 2014

Since Andrew had Friday off (yey) we popped to the King William pub to meet friends for lunch. They ended up being late so Andrew and I ate there and had drinks with them after! The King William do my favourite salad and since I really don't like salad, it must be good! I take every chance that I go there to try to eat healthy and order the hoisin duck salad, its just so good! Andrew ordered a half a chicken and we shared chips and spinach. 

We love the actual pub, it's always light and summery in there, its a lovely place to spend an afternoon and it reminds me of where I used to live, since it at the end of my old road! There is also normally quite a big chance that you'll spot someone famous there, this time it was Joey Essex who turned up in a green hoodie, chinos with his ankles out and not matching green socks haha he did look a bit odd!

Anyway, here's what I wore

Top* - M&S
Jacket & Jeans - Primark
Shoes* - SpyLoveBuy
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Saturday 19 April 2014

This idea is pretty amazing! A cake card - yummy and a nice little surprise - I'm sure most people don't expect to receive a slice of cake in the post!

The process is very easy, you type up the text you want on the front and a message for the inside, next you pick from five flavors - chocolate, lemon, carrot, Victoria sponge or coffee and if the decision is just to hard then you could always add an extra slice to your card! I opted for a Victoria sponge slice as that is definitely my favorite cake!! There is also the option to add images if you fancy which is a nice personal touch!

My cake arrived a few days later and was surprisingly moist and yummy, alot nicer than you would expect! It was super sweet and one slice was perfect!  I know this is a bit strange but I was glad to see a use by date on the back of the cake too so I knew it was in date

Check out to order your very own!

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BEAUTY: More Playboy Make Up - Lipstick and Polish

Thursday 17 April 2014

After the launch party last week, Playboy Make Up got in touch to ask if I'd like to try some of the polishes as well, of course I agreed as I was pretty upset that I didn't get a better look at them at the event! I was sent there two pretty reds. I'm not normally a fan of red, unless it's glitter, then I'm crazy for them. I think my dislike of the colour comes from growing up and watching all of my mums older customers go for red (she's a nail technician), it's just stuck with me that red is an old lady colour.

Saying that, this one is a great tone, it's a very bright, young, red! As for the other one - if there's glitter in it, I'm going to like it regardless.

The red polish is quite thin which is very odd because one coat seems to cover it enough. The glitter is a red glitter in a red polish so one coat will cover the nail although it if you the glitter thicker like I do then it's fine to keep layering up until you are happy.

I am actually really impressed with these two and will be looking forward to trying some of the other colours!
 They also sent me a few of the lipsticks which was very kind! All very pretty colours, again, bright and young and a great coverage. I also love the packaging.

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LIFESTYLE: Meeting Lauren Pope With JC Le Roux + GIVEAWAY

Wednesday 16 April 2014

I had a real Essex girl day last week - I spent the day shopping at Lakeside with my mum before making my way into London to meet the girls, get on the party bus and drive into Essex for a night at Bar Blanco. Raleigh is a part of Essex that I haven't ever visited before but as soon as I got into the club it felt like home, it was just like the my end of Essex clubs, white sofas, sparkling wine and diamonté gems everywhere.

We sat down and popped open the first of many, many bottles of JC Le Roux - a bright pink bubbly wine, very Essex and with its very low percentage it took me at least 3 glasses before I started feeling a little tipsy, and that is saying a lot for me considering last week it was half a cocktail haha. Its very sweet and fruity and far too easy to drink! After the wine, the snacks arrived and we got stuffing our faces, that's when Lauren also arrived! haha she spent a while outside with the papz which gave us all a chance to swallow our food and straighten ourselves out!

We each got a little bit of time to ask Lauren some questions. I knew she lived very local to me but I was quite shocked to find out that she basically lives at the end of the road where I used to live, crazy! One question that I was burning to ask her was do the TOWIE girls really wear heels all day every day like we see in the show?! The answer is no - Lauren likes to lounge around in trainers or smaller more manageable heels, normally from Zara. She is obviously a big fan of Zara - she arrived in the new very popular eye print dress - looking lovely! She also told us the New Look was one of her favourite places for big jewellery!

After a little bit of questioning, we topped up our glasses and got comfy in our V.I.P booth before jumping in a cab home!

Thanks Team JC Le Roux for a fun night and for introducing me of one of my new favourite drinks! 
At the moment, it can be bought from Morrisons for £7.49 a bottle!

As for my outfit, It was put together last minute when I realised that the invite said #PinkParty. I am loving theses kind of smart origami shorts/skorts that are everywhere at the moment. The crepe style material is really comfy and keeps me cool! I paired it with a black crop and my big clumpy boots.

Crop - ASOS
Shorts* - RARE
Boots* - Missguided
I left the event with an amazing goodie bag full of pretty pink products! The JC Le Roux team have offered up another very similar goodie bag to giveaway to one of my readers - Just enter below!


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LIFESTYLE: Cafe Nero Factory Tour

Tuesday 15 April 2014

I recently got invited to the Caffé Nero roastary in Battersea to see how it all goes down. I was a bit unsure whether to go or not as I actually don't drink coffee, although that's not by choice, I love the taste and the smell but it makes me feel so terrible, I have a cup and ten minutes later I have a full on hangover, its horrible haha

Still, I'm glad I accepted the invite as I had a great night and learnt loads about the process! We got shown around the very noisy factory, through the whole process from bean to drink before learning how to make a perfect cup of coffee, trying each one and even some latte art! 

It was a super fun night and a great experience, coffee lover or not!

Thanks to Caffé Nero for inviting me and for the gift card too! I have been making good use of it! 

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