FASHION: Day And Night With DUO Boots

I have been a fan of DUO boots for a while now after being contacted a couple of years ago about a competition they were running as I was very pleased to hear from this again recently about a new competition! The aim of the game is to style one pair of boots for the day and the same boots for the evening! Check out how I did it!

Both outfits are pretty similar in the bottom half but if you follow my blog you will know that I wear my new black jeans with absolutely everything, day or night - Shopping, clubbing, dinner?! They are also pretty similar in the face and hair but that's just me, I only ever wear eyeliner and have my hair down, Unless I get really hot in the club, then I just tie it up!

So my first outfit is pretty casual which is just how I like my day time outfit, this really is a shoppingat Lakeside and lunch at Pret kind of look! I've got a comfy little tee and my big satchel to keep all my stuff in plus the boots are super comfy so great for walking around all day.

Now I though I might have a little trouble for the evening as I normally go out in heels but I just put together a normal clubbing look for me and added the boots rather than a chunky pair of heels and they look just as good, minus the sore feet at the end of the night! I though since the whole outfit was rather black it would be a nice idea to add some of my coloured Swarovski crystal bracelets and I'm ready for my evening. I normally go bag-less and just keep my phone and cards in my pockets!

Boots* - DUO
Blue Tee - River Island
Black Crop - Lipsy
Jeans - Primark
Satchel* - Zatchels
Bracelets* - Lola & Grace

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