LIFESTYLE: My List Of London Bars

Monday, 30 March 2015

You guys know I love a good cocktail bar so today I have put together a mini list of a few of my faves along with a mini list of a few I want to visit around London 

Dirty Martini
Probably my favourite after work cocktail bar since the discovery of the Chocolate Martini. Currently loving the new one at Monument although they are all pretty cool - they have perfect happy hour prices (£4.50), a great selection of drinks, great locations and a super atmosphere plus they play good music. What else do you want from a bar!?
Dirty Martini Monument

Sky bar
This is more a weekend one for us. Maybe after a meal or during a cheeky little trip to the casino. They also serve a Chocolate Martini - white chocolate and raspberry this time which is really lovely, although I always get the tequila substituted with vodka. Did I mention that this is the bar at the Casino in Westfield, Stratford? Making it super easy for us to get there and back!

London Cocktail Club
This one is a little bit more expensive although they do super fun cocktail that come with all sorts, if you order right, you could end up with a fortune cookie, a custard creme or even a piece of bacon with you cocktail. Plus, if you were a 15 year old scene kid like me, you will love the music! We usually go to the Oxford Circus one just down the side of Topshop! P.S They also do a chocolate cocktail but I'm not a fan of theirs as its made with dissaronno.
On My List
I actually noticed this one while I was on the way to one of my other go to bars - Bittersweet Soho (which I have loved ever since I want sent to review for my blog a while ago read it here) located in kingly court it is modelled on an old 1920s train carriage, I love a themed bar.

Steam and Rye
Ok so I've seen wanting to go here forever and considering that Andrew works on the same road I'm not sure why we haven't been yet. The cocktails look amazing and most of them by the looks of it come out with an ice lolly and whipped cream. Definitely my kinda place.

I think I can see a theme coming along here. If they do a chocolate cocktail then its quite likely that it will be one of my favourite bars haha and with this year's Budgetfrom George Osborne taking duty on spirits down by 2% and this cool budget calculator from The BBC, apparently I should be saving 50p per cocktail. Yey all the chocolate cocktails!

 *Photos all taken from a Google search, please let me know if they are yours so I can credit
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BEAUTY: Lush Easter Range 2015

Friday, 27 March 2015

It seems like Lush only just brought out there mothers day range and now there's another new one! This so far, is probably my favourite range regarding smells and its pretty cute too! I have been eying up the hoppity poppity bath bomb (because its so cute and it has a face) and the Fluffy egg (because apparently it smells like snow fairy) but here's what I have so far!

A Bunch of Carrots
These come as a super cute set of three little carrots. They are pretty citrusy and refreshing like their bright orange colour, I love how  cute and fun they are. They are bubble bars which means you usually get quite a few uses out of them - with there being three in this set, they are super value for money.
Pot o Gold
This is the first ever shower gelly I've ever come across and I think it is one of my favourite Lush smells ever! It super sweet like honey or caramel. You use it similarly to a bar of soap and it's a pretty different feel to anything I've ever used in the shower before, kind of like a jelly that you would eat but much sturdier and the most amazing gold colour (as the name suggests).
Golden Egg
Another super cute one, especially for someone like me who has a bit of an obsession with easter eggs - it's covered in glitter like alot of the christmas collection and smells similar to the pot of gold with its sweet caramel smell. Its the actual size of an egg which I wasn't expecting and its called a bath bomb melt so it fizzes up a little bit but leaves your water feeling soft and silky.
Have You Tried Any Of The Easter Range Yet?

FASHION: 50% Off Shopping Spree At New Look

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Last week, I was lucky enough to be invited down to New Look on Oxford Street for a 50% off blogger shopping morning. Amazing, I basically had the whole four floors of the shop to myself and everything was half price. Only one problem, I only had 45 minutes before I had to be at work.

I spend most of my time on the shoe floor which was right at the top trying on so many different pairs of heels. I have a habit of buying heels that are just too high for me and then when it comes to going out, I always end up wearing the same, not too high, heels. Luckily for me, New Look had a super amazing collection of summer sandal heels which are the perfect heel height, not too tall but not too short - After running around like a crazy person for half an hour, I finally left with two pairs haha.

The first pair I am wearing in this outfit and I love them so much already, as I said, they are literally the perfect height for me and I can easily walk in them while still looking like I'm wearing a heel, they were cheap in the first place at £19.99 but with 50% off I paid just under £10 for them! The other pair I bought were very similar but with a touch of sparkle. I'll get another post together on them so you can see as well!

As well as my two new pairs of shoes, I also got this lovely mint green top half price making it just £6. I also saw it in purple but I liked the green much better! It's a stretchy scuba material and I love the scallop detail.

I'm loving this outfit as its the perfect sort of thing to go from office to dinner in!

Top & Shoes - New Look
Jeans - Primark

LIFESTYLE: Baking A White Bread Loaf With Baking Mad

Monday, 23 March 2015

I was pretty scared when Baking Mad sent me a hamper full of Allinson Flour, a bread tin and yeast and asked me to make a loaf of bread. It was one of those ones that I wanted to say yes to but I was a bit worried about having to showcase my failed work on my blog after haha. 

I'd just had a meeting with Diet Coke earlier that day about their new 'Regret Nothing' campaign, encouraging women to be impulsive and do what they want to do and not to worry about it - 6 out of 10 ​women would happily ‘do things differently’ if they had their time again and I know that a bit of an extreme thing to compare making a loaf of bread to but it is a running joke that I cant cook and bread is something I have always wanted to try so I'm glad I did - and guys, prepare yourselves - you would not believe the result!

I can make bread!! It might not be all cheffy like this herb focaccia recipe but its a legit loaf of bread that looks and tastes like real bread. My mum was so amazed when I took it out of the oven that she called everyone into into the kitchen (including both my brothers and their girlfriends) to marvel at my creation.

We got my dad to slice into it and within 5 minutes the whole lots was gone, crust and all and it was so good! 

Big thanks to Baking Mad for giving me the opportunity to push my comfort zones and making the bread making process so easy for me - I will definitely be making it again!

Check out the recipe here

(you can tell I'm proud of this one, look how many photos I took!) 
Strong White Flour
Easy Bake Yeast
Measuring Flour
Baking Bread
Freshly Baked Bread
Freshly Baked Bread
Freshly Baked Bread
Home Made Bread
Freshly Baked Bread
Freshly Baked Bread
Bread And Butter
Eating Bread

FASHION: Prom Memories With New Look

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

When New Look asked me to recount some memories from my high school prom, the first thing that came to mind was Georgia being the talk of the night becuase she kissed the fittest guy in the year out of absolutely nowhere, I dont think they had ever even spoken before. Although she did look pretty good in her mums red dress.
Our prom wasn't like a normal prom. We didn't have a sit down dinner and instead hired out the envy part of Liquid in Romford, classy as always.

I remember going dress shopping with my mum to buy my first ever clubbing dress. Neither of us knew what we were doing but somehow we luckily ended up in Lipsy which was a great choice. At first, I picked up this pretty black bandeau dress with a printed skirt. When I went to try it on I couldn't understand why it was joint up at the bottom. Shorts. What!? And that was my first experience with a playsuit haha. I ended up with the dress version.

I remember the popular kids turning up in a fire engine and I remember one of them turning up in the same dress as one of my friends haha luckily I dodged that with my Lipsy dress. Although very closely! Someone did turn up in the same dress except it had a different print on it so no one noticed.. I hope. Talking of New Look, you can't see them in any of the photos but I was wearing the prettiest royal blue stilettos.

What Are Your Prom Memories?

Remember to check out New Looks range of Prom Dresses

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LIFESTYLE: #RelaxedMondays With Utpoia

Monday, 16 March 2015

Utopia Group, got in touch to tell me about their #RelaxMondays campaign and asked me how I like to relax on Mondays – the most stressful day of the week! They also sent me a big box of goodies to help!

Before last week, I didn’t really know because I didn’t have a job but now I can see the idea of coming home after a long day and a very squashed commute and looking for ways to wind down.

As for Monday mornings, I like to treat myself to a Boost. Apart from tasting amazing, they are cold and refreshing and wake me up ready for work. They have just launched a new flavour which I am currently loving called Fruit Salad which is a mix of two of my original favourites - a Passion Mange and A Strawberry Squeeze, I'm currently sipping on one right now!
The first thing I like to do when I walk through the door after work is get my dinner in the oven, then I can go upstairs and sort myself out while its cooking, I love dinner time haha, and eating all the yummy stuff afterwards!
After eating dinner, I tend to just sit and flick through twitter, catching up on everyone’s day and getting involved with the blogger chats when I can! If I happen to be staying around Andrews that night I will always make time for a Lush Bath Bomb. Probably the easiest and prettiest way to relax - by the way, I do wash apart from being at Andrews haha (although, according to Bella Bathrooms 7% of people don’t wash ever, ew), it just so happens that I only have a shower at mine so whenever I go to his, I have to take advantage of a nice bath.
How Do You Like To Relax?

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Mothers Day Gift Guide

Friday, 13 March 2015

With mothers day just around the corner I though I'd put together a little post of gift ideas. This wont be as long as one of my usual gift guides because my mum is reaallly picky when it comes to gifts. Surprises never work out so we always ask her before we buy anything.

Experience Gifts
Into the Blue have done some research which shows that people prefer experience gifts as appose to traditional gifts. I can definitely see that and it's nice to know that its not just my mum who is crazy! I know she would love something like an afternoon tea experience over a normal gift. We went for my 21st and we all really enjoyed it! Experience days can be expensive but if you look in the right places (namely websites like MyVoucherCodes and Groupon) there are usually some good deals!

Flamingo Candles
I'm sure most women love candles. Not my mum. so these are more the kind of thing for Andrews mum, they always have something nice burning in the living room and these flamingo candles are lovely gifts, all ready to go in their cute little glass jars. The yellow one reminds me of Thailand because it smells like mangos so I might just sneak that one up to Andrews room and leave it there. The white one is super sweet Rose & Marshmallow with a more neutral white base, which means it wont look out of place in a living room - so perfect to give to his mum.
Lush Mothers Day Range
If there's a holiday, then there's usually a lush collection for it! This time of year is when Lush bring out there cuter products in my opinion, just look at this bubblegrub, even its name is cute! He contains sandalwood and she butter which makes super soft bubbles with a strong smell as usual, although its not a normal lush scent, its not bad although it's not really my kind of smell.

As well as Yummy  Mummy shower gel which I spoke about here I also got a Rose bombshell bath bomb which is so pretty and a perfect looking gift to give to your mum, although bath bombs are my favourite lush product so maybe I'll just keep this one for myself aswell haha. It's filled with pink rose petals and it smells like roses which is probably down to the turkish rose oils it contains, how excotic!
The Body Shop
The Body Shop have a cute new limited edition Vitamin E range with pretty pink and blue union jack packaging! I have a Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet Limited Edition which is a super light hydrating moisturiser. It actually does look like a sorbet, so I can see where it got its name. I also got a Vitamin E Eyes Cube Limited Edition which is enriched with wheatgerm oil. It's cooling and refreshing for tired eye areas. and lastly, a Vitamin E Moisture Cream Limited Edition which is one of their bestselling daily moisturisers sure to keep your face and neck skin looking smooth and feeling super soft!

All of them are the perfect size to keep in your handbag and the prices range from £8-£12 which for me, is a great price for a mothers day gift!

  Gift Hampers
Is it a female thing or is it just me that loves a gift hamper? Especially a food one - apart from it being filled with treats you also get a cute little hamper as well. For my mum it would have to be a chocolate hamper, she eats the most chocolate out of everyone I know, more than me and I have been known to eat 28 easter eggs! I came across a whole page of them on the Debemhans website in their range of mothers day gifts. Have You Bought Your Mothers Day Gifts Yet?

BEAUTY: My Lush Shower Gel Collection

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

I seem to have built up quite a collection of shower gels from Lush. I love the unique scents you get from their products - unlike any others you can buy plus every one fills my whole bathroom with their smell. I also love the bottles of these shower gels, although I'm pretty pleased that I have a giant snow fairy, I am kinda annoyed that its not the same size at the others haha

Snow Fairy
As you can see, I really like snow fairy - as well as this collection, I also leave a bottle at Andrews house! I was running low, so Christmas just gone, Andrew treated me to a big bottle! I have been told they changed the formula this year to keep the glitter up in the gel for longer rather than sinking to the bottom like it has done in my old ones, they still smell and work fine,they just have a very glittery bottom.

So white
This is one that actually isn't in my collection and I was so sad I didn't end up getting myself a bottle this year. It's another Christmas limited edition one and it smells like apples - one of my favorite shower scents ever! I love fruity smells best!

Prince Charming
Another limited edition one, this time from the Valentines Day range. Like snow fairy, its very  sweet and sugary - this time from the marshmallow root and pomegranate. Also like snow fairy, all the stuff sinks to the bottle after a while. It's quite strong and overpowering but I like it, it does seem to smell different in the bottle to what it does in the shower which is odd.

Hot Toddy
Sorry guys, I have just realised that I only get Lush shower gels when they are limited edition! This one again is from the christmas range and out of the three mentioned this is the most christmassy one, you open it and christmas is the first think you think of! So festive that it only gets used during the year on those days when it's raining outside and you just want to stay in and have a nice warm shower and eat shepards pie and chocolate all day haha

Yummy Mummy
This is the newest release which has been brought out for mothers day. Its a lovely lilac colour with a slight shimmer. Its super sweet which, as you can tell by now, I love, it also with a very musky undertone!
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Monday, 9 March 2015

I have worked with DUO boots in the past and was super excited to work with them again on this project. Last time, they asked me to style up a pair of tall boots in two different outfits and this time I am doing the same but with a pair of ankle boots instead. I picked these pointy leather boots with snakeskin detailing to wear. They are super amazing quality (as were my last pair) and I love the pointed shape, they are my first ever pair of pointed shoes and I am loving the look. They have a very strong and sturdy sole and I loved that I could hear my footsteps as I walked to work this morning, although I probably should have broken them in before spending the whole day in them - my feet were a little sore by the end of it but hopefully now they'll be fine for next time!
Last time, I went with day and night looks but since I now have a job, I thought I'd try a smart and casual look. This first one is my smart one. I really don't know what I'm doing when it comes to looking smart. I still have my trusty black jeans on but I have paired them with a little black cami and the show stopper piece of the look - my new mint jacket which I love. It's the third and final piece that I picked up at the #VeryVIP event. It was so windy when I took these photos but I wasn't too cold so the coat does it's job as well as looking pretty.
As I said, my second look is a more casual one, although I would happily wear both of them to work.  Again I have my black jeans with my pretty new boots, this time with a cropped sweater that I picked up in Primark last week. I was impressed with the quality of this one because it was super warm and fleecy inside! It also came in green, blue and grey which I had a hard time not buying! I think I'm going to go back for the blue one!
I have just noticed that the colours of both outfits go perfectly with my blog theme! I obviously love them both together!
Which Look Do You Prefer?

LIFESTYLE: Healthy Cooking Class With LV

Friday, 6 March 2015

 Earlier this week, I was invited along to a cooking class at the Smart Cookery School with LV who are promoting healthy living. I've called this post "Healthy Cooking Class" although it was more like - watch your healthy dinner be made and then eat it class. In my case, I was happy to just sit and watch since I was exhausted from my first day at work - as you can see in the photo, I look pretty lively haha. Although, in my opinion there were far too many people there for everyone to get a chance to cook, it was very crowded.
We started with Prawn or Courgette Skewers, of course I went for prawn since I love them, they were big and juicy and their thai flavours came through, all the lime reminded me of last summer!
 Then we had an Asian noodle soup which was tasty, although the the dishes started off being filled to the top, piled high with noodles, and by the time they got to our end of the table there were scraps left and we ended up with half a bowl of soup with a couple of noodles floating about, again, I think there were just too many people there.
For the main we had Chicken or Chickpea curry with sticky rice. All the food tasted great so I definitely enjoyed the eating aspect!
Thanks LV for having me along!
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