LIFESTYLE: My List Of London Bars

You guys know I love a good cocktail bar so today I have put together a mini list of a few of my faves along with a mini list of a few I want to visit around London 

Dirty Martini
Probably my favourite after work cocktail bar since the discovery of the Chocolate Martini. Currently loving the new one at Monument although they are all pretty cool - they have perfect happy hour prices (£4.50), a great selection of drinks, great locations and a super atmosphere plus they play good music. What else do you want from a bar!?
Dirty Martini Monument

Sky bar
This is more a weekend one for us. Maybe after a meal or during a cheeky little trip to the casino. They also serve a Chocolate Martini - white chocolate and raspberry this time which is really lovely, although I always get the tequila substituted with vodka. Did I mention that this is the bar at the Casino in Westfield, Stratford? Making it super easy for us to get there and back!

London Cocktail Club
This one is a little bit more expensive although they do super fun cocktail that come with all sorts, if you order right, you could end up with a fortune cookie, a custard creme or even a piece of bacon with you cocktail. Plus, if you were a 15 year old scene kid like me, you will love the music! We usually go to the Oxford Circus one just down the side of Topshop! P.S They also do a chocolate cocktail but I'm not a fan of theirs as its made with dissaronno.
On My List
I actually noticed this one while I was on the way to one of my other go to bars - Bittersweet Soho (which I have loved ever since I want sent to review for my blog a while ago read it here) located in kingly court it is modelled on an old 1920s train carriage, I love a themed bar.

Steam and Rye
Ok so I've seen wanting to go here forever and considering that Andrew works on the same road I'm not sure why we haven't been yet. The cocktails look amazing and most of them by the looks of it come out with an ice lolly and whipped cream. Definitely my kinda place.

I think I can see a theme coming along here. If they do a chocolate cocktail then its quite likely that it will be one of my favourite bars haha and with this year's Budgetfrom George Osborne taking duty on spirits down by 2% and this cool budget calculator from The BBC, apparently I should be saving 50p per cocktail. Yey all the chocolate cocktails!

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  1. Yes! I'm heading to London soon and this list will get me through the weekend! Thank you :)

    Christy x
    Dinner Stories

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