OOTD: Super Cute Shorts Set

Monday 29 July 2013

Tonights post was meant to be a quick one but has ended up taking me forever to write because I got totally sidetracked! It was worth it though, because I made £17 from my new app addiction - Depop, Woo!! It's a mix of ebay and instagram. It's free - which is great and you can leave your items up for as long as you want.  If you have an account make sure to follow me at @xxgeorgina18.

Anyway, finally back to the post, as I said, just a quick one! Yesterday I packed for my holiday, a week early at that! Were going on Sunday and I'm working most days until then so it just seemed like a good idea.  These photos are of one of my new holiday outfits. It's the other matching set I was going on about a few weeks ago which my grandparents bought for me, which cost a grand total of £10 - total bargian hunters! I love that it's a shorts set and that they were an easy material rather than denim, hopefully will be confortable for walking around in the sun and eating lots.

Not sure what's going to happen to my blog while I'm away, if anyone has any ideas or thoughts on guest posts, let me know!!!

Matching Set - Cheap shop in Basildon
Flip Flops - Primark
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CHALLENGE: Summer Fashion Essentials for £50

Friday 26 July 2013

When Wicked Vouchers, an online voucher code website, offered me £50 to find my ultimate summer fashion essentials I knew just what I needed. This offer came at a great time because, as you may know, I am going on holiday soon. As I was already putting together my holiday outfits (super early in advace of course - family tradition, my mum has been known to pack two months early) I realised there really were some essentials that I was missing. 

The first two things, I wasn't missing but I was in need of new ones, my beloved ASOS crop tops. As you may have seen from past posts, I wear my black and white fitted ASOS crops nearly everyday. They were having the best sale and along with a discount code I got them for 3.90 each plus postage which was amazing, My size in the ASOS sale disappeared super fast but I always have these saved in my basket just in case! I've already worn the new ones a couple of times and I still love them! Gonna get them washed and ironed and straight into the suit case. 

While I was on ASOS I thought why not have a browse, I came across the most amazing sunglasses I've ever seen! Normally I'm a Primark kinda sunglasses gal but I saw these and I knew they had to be part of this challenge. They were just £25 full priced and I got them a bit cheaper with Wicked Voucher codes. It was so nice to treat myself to a pair of expensive sunglasses. (They were expensive! My normal Primark ones were £1.50) I love how cartoon-y they are andy the feel very strong and sturdy. 

And lastly I thought shoes! I haven't bought myself any new summer shoes this year for some strange reason. I think it's because my old flip flips are so comfy, I just decided I was going to wear them every day for the whole summer. It started like this but sadly after 4 years they are falling apart. So I went on a shoe hunt with the just over £20 that I had left. That's when I came across the Mr Shoes sale. I found Juju Babes in every colour for £18 and the flat ones were even cheaper.  I went for the colour that a hadn't seen anywhere before which was these turquoise babes with the heel. They are so much more comfortable than I had ever imagined. They are a very floppy plastic so they move with your feet and when they're on they feel totally flat!

So there are my summer essentials for £50 with Wicked Vouchers 

What are your summer essentials? 

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OOTD: Summer Country Lunch

Wednesday 24 July 2013

Hi Guys!
Today I'm not writing this blog post but dictating it to my Ipad as my mum has taken my glasses to the shop (to get them fixed before my holiday) and I'm left blind until she get back at 4 (hopefully) with either my fixed glasses or a new set of contacts for me. I say hopefully because I'm meant to be going out at 4 haha uh oh this could end badly!  

Earlier today Andrew and I went out into the countryside for lunch at the cutest little cafe! We sat outside on the terrace and ate there, i had a little afternoon tea plate with a cucumber sandwich and a scone and Andrew had a fry up!  

Afterwards we came back to mine and I've just had my hair cut. For this evening the boys have plans to go to a Bavarian Beer House in London somewhere, so I'll join them on that but there's no way you'll be catching me drinking beer, yucky, especially from those crazy huge man glasses, I'm sure ill get some photos of them though and hopefully find myself a nice cocktail or somthing! Keep a watch on my Twitter or Instagram for updates on that!

This is what I wore for lunch and is somthing new for me, a lovely floaty lace dress from Lily.J at Fuse Fashion, a new one for my daytime dress collection which is growing ever so slowly! It was really hard to find any shoes to go with it because I only have black shoes, so I ended up wearing my new leopard print wedge trainers, (which I won from The Platform on Instagram a few weeks ago) which were the perfect colour!

 Dress* - Fuse Fashion
Shoes - The Platform
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OOTD: Sweet Deal

Tuesday 23 July 2013

I thought I was over the obcession, I thought I had beaten it but I've cracked again and it's all down to Missguided and their new Sweet Deal range which I mentioned in a recent post! I hadn't done any internet shopping for ages and now all of a sudden I can't control myself again, everything is just so cheap! This dress cost £7.49 and I just couldn't help but buy it, and this isn't the only thingI've ordered, watch out over the next few weeks for more of my sweet deals!

Today, it's just a quick post, I was at work all day in this horrible heat so we took these photos a few days ago! Did any of my UK followers hear the thunder last night, I slept right thought it haha but I heard it was crazy.

In other news, Molly was out on a walk when we took these photos so she missed her spotlight for today! she'll be back soon I'm sure.

Have you bought any sweet deals lately?

Dress - Missguided
Shoes* - SpyLoveBuy
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OOTD: Making The Most Of The Sun

Sunday 21 July 2013

After two long weeks of sunshine, yesterday it dissapeared! I was pretty pleased about this at the time as I spend the whole day outdoors at EDC in Stratford's Queen Elizabeth Park (I gotta whole other post for that!) but as pleased as I was, I was worried that it meant the end of the sun for this year, So when it came back out today I wanted to make the most of it! 

Me and Andrew had a lovely BBQ at mine with my parents, brothers and Molly. After lunch the boys and Molly spent some time running through the sprinkler and throwing water at each other whilst Andrew and I sunbathed! Perfect opportunity to wear my new bikini, and in my own home!? Who'd ever have thought that this year would be warm enough for me to sunbathe in my bikini in my own back garden!! I could close my eyes and pretend I was on the beach haha.

Bikini* - Missguided
Sunglasses* - Quay At ASOS
Fishnet Cover-up - Cheap Shop in Basildon!
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Money SuperMarket - Charcoal Challenge

Friday 19 July 2013

When Money Supermarket kindly offered me £50 to throw a budget BBQ I coundn't wait to get started! It came at the perfect time because the weather here in England is so super hot right now!

 First thing in the morning, me and my mum went to Tescos to stock up and we got alot for the money! After she did the weeks food shopping, we popped down to the BBQ isle and were able to buy lots of nice meat - Tesco's Finest of course, potatoes, salady bits, dips, drinks, some coal for the bbq and
and of course we got dessert, fresh and fruity desserts are perfect for this weather so we got all kinds of  yummy summer berries and double cream!

As well as that we even got a couple of footballs! One for the boys and one for Molly which kept them all entertained into the evening, The boys didn't want me to take photos of them so I got some cute ones of Molly because she loves being in front of the camera!

After a long day of football and lazing around in the sun, we still had food left over for the evening!

Of course cooking the meat was down to my dad, except for the chicekn when my mum cooked in the oven first! While my brothers spent their time entertailning Molly, I wanted to have my input so I made the salad! Family Effort

It was great to have the whole family involved and enjoying a lovely day in the sun and it just shows how far you can really stretch £50 for a whole days entertainement and food!

Thank you to Money Supermarket for the opportunity! We had agreat day!
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EVENT: Jones+Jones

Wednesday 17 July 2013

On thursday evening, I was lucky enough to be invited down to Spitalfields for a blogger event held in the Jones and Jones store. I've walked past there many times and always pop in to see whats new and I have to say, I always love whats in there. If you read my blog regularly you will know that Jones and Jones we one of my favourite brands, in fact I bought a new dress from them for absolutley no reason last week.

This was one really lovely event, it was so fun becuase the sun was shining and the shop was still open to the public so it was all hussely and bustley and you could get to see all the cutsomers choosing out dresses. The Jones and Jones girls were great and put a lovely spread of champagne with strawberrys, nibbely snacks and amzing scones which were all handmade by All Scone. 

I spent the evening with my lovely blogger friend Millie from sheheartsthehighstreet (all of the good photos are hers as I didnt realise I was going until last minute and didnt have my camera on me) we picked out all of our favourite dresses and spent forever trying on each one and taking lots of photos as we both ratteled it down to 2 dresses. Both of us were torn between two dreses and I thinkthe whole store knew about it! I ended up getting a green version of the dress I got last week, because I love the shape of it so much, so why not get a summer colour as well as a winter one?! (You can find it online here.) and Millie ended up getting the totally out of her comfort zone but looks amazing on Roxy Dress (which you can find here)

All photos apart from Instagrams Belong to  Millie from shewearsthehighstreet
And here we are in the dresses we finally chose 

What do you think of them?

Are you a fan of Jones and Jones?
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WISHLIST: Missguided Swimwear

Monday 15 July 2013

Woo, I'm going on holiday in just over a month, and this weather is making me so excited.  I'm really looking forward to being able to relax with Andrew and my family! We're going on a cruise around the mediterranean for two weeks. Hopefully there'll be lots of sun so obviously this is a great excuse for me to go shopping, especially for some new swimwear! 

Missguided have caught my eye with their newly released one pieces, they are so different and unique and I love that rather than a pattern, they are all printed with images, and images of food at that! Even better.

Over the past few years I wouldn't even consider wearing a one piece, I just love bikinis too much but these are really making me think twice. They have such fun designs on them, I just want them all and as always Missguided are quite reasonable with the prices, they are all £15 each.

Not only do they have these wonderful onepieces but now they are stocking amazing bikinis too! If you saw my collective bikini post you will have seen one from Missguided there! I love a good old simple plain colour bikini. 

Talking of simple, I have a Missguided special update for you!

Sweet Deal is an all-new collection of fashion basics at budget-conscious prices, ranging from just £2.99 through to only £9.99. From easy-to-wear mini and maxi dresses, to must-have leggings, soft cotton tops and much more. Sweet Deal has all your stylish wardrobe staples but at up to 50% less than Missguided’s standard price tag.

How amazing does that sound?! How can it even get cheaper? I just had a quick look and ended up buying myself another midi from there. Since having my ipad I haven't stopped with the online shopping. It's becoming addictive haha I suppose with Missguided it's not too much of a problem as it was only £7 including postage and I'm sure ill get as much wear out of it as my last one!

Do you love Missguided as much as I do?

Do you have an advice for my online shopping addiction?  Help

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OOTD: Checked Midi

Sunday 14 July 2013

I am such a midi person, I just love them. My favourite thing about them is you put on the dress and that's it, your ready to go out, that's also a good excuse to get one in every colour and pattern - I love to have lots of them in all different prints. 

This is the newest one to my collection and it's maybe the most outragious but things like that don't bother me, I like big prints! I love this print in particular as it reminds me of my younger days when I used to be a little bit scene and wear my checked vans everyday with my green hair and MCR hoodie Uh-ho hahah 

My midis get the most wear when in the evening when Andrew and I go for dinner - that's what we were to do here (after going back to his so he could get changed!) Going out for dinner night are our favourite and we try to have them as often as possible haha.Yum!

I paired the dress with my favourite new demi wedges which I have been going on about for ages on twitter and instagram but I finally got my hands on a pair and they go with everything!!!

I'm not sure why my photos have gone all blurry all of a sudden :(

Would you wear this kind of print?

What do you think of Midi Dresses?

Dress* - Bliss Clothing
Heels* - SpyLoveBuy
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LIFESTYLE: Robbie and Olly at Wembly

Friday 12 July 2013

I was recently invited up to Fuse Fashion's corporate box, with a few other bloggers and fashiony people to watch Olly Murs and Robbie Williams perform at Wembly. 

It was lovely to meet the team and they were very welcoming - as was every member of the Wembley staff that I met who all said hi to me. After a few glasses of prosecco we sat down for a lovely meal prepared for us by the box's own chef. It was like a huge, amazing picnic with giant pork pies, cocktail sausages, quiche, salmon, salad, potatoes and vegetables. Yum. We then made our way out into the balcony part where we waited for the performances.

Olly and Robbie were both amazing as could be expected and the whole atmosphere of being at Wembley was an amazing experience on its own. I've only ever been there once before to see the spice girls but that was ages ago. I grew up listening to Robbie Williams because my dad played him so much whenever we were in the car so it was amazing for me when he started singing all his old songs. 

I left a little early just to miss the rush of millions of people trying to get into the station and I had to be up for work the next day. Before I left, as if the night wasn't amazing enough already, I was given a goodie bag with a voucher to spend on the site, which I used promptly the next day (blog post on my two pretty we dresses to come) and a box of chocolates!! They kept me entertained on the hour ad a half train home!

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Fuse Fashion for the invite and the most amazing night!
 How cute are these two with their Olly sign! Poor girls, the sun was so bright, it was amazing weather!
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