OOTD: Sweet Deal

I thought I was over the obcession, I thought I had beaten it but I've cracked again and it's all down to Missguided and their new Sweet Deal range which I mentioned in a recent post! I hadn't done any internet shopping for ages and now all of a sudden I can't control myself again, everything is just so cheap! This dress cost £7.49 and I just couldn't help but buy it, and this isn't the only thingI've ordered, watch out over the next few weeks for more of my sweet deals!

Today, it's just a quick post, I was at work all day in this horrible heat so we took these photos a few days ago! Did any of my UK followers hear the thunder last night, I slept right thought it haha but I heard it was crazy.

In other news, Molly was out on a walk when we took these photos so she missed her spotlight for today! she'll be back soon I'm sure.

Have you bought any sweet deals lately?

Dress - Missguided
Shoes* - SpyLoveBuy
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  1. :O beautiful. no way you coukd have resisted

  2. Oh this dress is beautiful, you look lovely x

  3. Saw this dress and wasnt sure of it, now I've seen it on you im convinced to buy.
    Looking stunning :)



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