Opening night at Bacchanalia, Mayfair

Monday 28 November 2022

Thanks to a very good Instagram marketing campaign, I have been excitedly waiting for this place to open for months, so as soon as the email dropped in my inbox, I made a booking for opening night. 

Bacchanalia, located just on the corner of Berekley Square and Mount Street is a Greek/Italian fusion restaurant and Richard Carings newest culinary venture.

I'm very glad to have been although in short, I'm not sure I'll be be in a rush go back the same way I have been with some of the other restaurants nearby.

The restaurant design looked amazing in the photos, with huge sculptures and a Sistine Chapel-style ceiling but in reality, it seemed a little.. faker than I'd have hoped. I was also a bit sad that they weren't able to accommodate my request for a table on the main floor because 'there were lots of press coming in' who they needed those tables for.

The bar downstairs was great, as was the atmosphere so we spent some time there before heading up to our table on the balcony floor which had a much quieter vibe. The design was strangely familiar to the set up at Annabel's, another of Carings places but the cocktails were very unique so I'd definitely come back for those.

I ordered a MAENAD which was gin based with raspberry and eucalyptus, and very rich and creamy thanks to the addition of white chocolate, Greek yoghurt & egg white. We also had to try the KARPOUZI just because of the description. Basically, sold to us as somewhere between and Aperol Spritz and a greek salad, this one was created with watermelon, and feta infused vodka.

Food and drinks were just a little bit more expensive than the other places which I think was a little unnecessary, but we did enjoy everything.

When it came to food, we decided on a classic burrata, a steak tartare with a nduja twist and my favourite, unsurprisingly, was the octopus. I love octopus and this was I exception, paired with some Greek pulses. 

On to the mains, we had a plate of pasta that whilst good - it's hard to go wrong with truffle - was pretty average and decided against a proper 
main dish and dessert, unheard of for me. Nothing really took my fancy, apart from the tirimasu dessert, although I didn't fancy taking a £35 risk on that.

So, in conclusion, I'd most definitely pop back for a drink. The sparkling bar, and the cocktail list impressed but in terms for the food I think it was just a little too expensive to get excited about again.

Going out in Femme Luxe

Friday 11 November 2022

Femme Luxe recently gifted me some new outfits and here's where I wore them:

I wore this square neck, red dress on Halloween - paired with some devil horns and simple black heels. We were actually just going for dinner, rather than any big Halloween event so I thought it worked nicely as a subtle nod to the holiday.

Food was at Coya; we had the tasting menu, which is full of my favourite dishes like some of the ceviche's and the chocolate orange churros. After that, we went for a wander in search of drinks and came across Bagatelle, which was absolutely buzzing on a Monday evening. You could see people dancing on the tables from the street so that’s where we ended up!

This one shouldered top is one of the best things I’ve gotten from Femme Luxe. It’s a deep maroon colour so great for the winter months and it fits me perfectly. The single sleeve is made of a floaty, chiffon material which gives the piece great movement, and the length cuts off at just the right place. I wear it a lot, but recently, paired with high waisted, black, skinny years and boots, for a celebration dinner at Isabel, which meant delicious food and a more champagne that I'd like to admit.

After my fourth vaccine earlier this week, I took a nap and woke up with intense steak cravings, so we booked a table for STK that eve and I went for another Femme Luxe piece.

This ribbed bandeau top came as part of a co-ord with wide leg trousers - which also gets a lot of wear - but for a wintery evening out, I like to pair it again, with my black skinny jeans and converse for a more casual look.
*Gifted clothes.

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