Top tips for driving the Amalfi coast

Monday 3 April 2023

Sweeping views, mountain roads and picturesque towns perched on the cliffs. If like me, Instagram has persuaded you to take a trip to the Amalfi coast this year, then driving is a great way to explore it properly.

Renting a car gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace and discover hidden gems off the beaten path. Apart from that, I was looking forward to the warm afternoons cruising along the coastline with the roof down and the wind in my hair. Our cute little fiat 500 provided me with just that. 

After four days of exploring, I've put together a list of top tips and things to know for your next trip!
The drive itself is quite a feat - luckily for me, I wasn't the one doing it. The coast can be very challenging with hairpin turns and steep drops the whole way along so a small car is best.

Roads get very narrow and whilst the Italians don't like to stay in their lanes, you'll have to get used to overtaking otherwise you'll be stuck behind tour busses all day. This becomes especially tiresome once you realise they insist on hooting every time they turn a corner. 

A convertible is a great choice as it adds to the fun and provides a great way to enjoy the warm weather. Our Fiat 500 was perfect because its extended sunroof style meant we were well protected from the wind.
Parking wasn't a huge problem in low season. We found as you start getting into the towns like Positano, there were big car parks everywhere. They can be expensive if you stop off for a long time - we paid 6 per hour - but it was money well spend to have the car local and safe whilst we explored. 

Don't forget to stop for refreshments. Lemon stands are a common sight and not only are they a great way to experience the local culture and cuisine, they also provide some incredible sightseeing opportunities. The vendors we met were all friendly and knowledgeable and a freshly squeezed juice break was much appreciated. 
Finally, our car had no aux, which was initially devastating but after some playing around, we stumbled across Radio Ibiza (at 107.00) which provided the perfect vibe. Just an FYI.
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