LIFESTYLE: The Shake Shack, Covent Garden

Friday 30 May 2014

I always hear so much about the shake shack but before this week, I never had a chance to go down there. As you might have noticed, Andrew and I go out to eat quiiiteee alot so it's shocking that we haven't been yet! 

Well luckily for me, The Shake Shack team got in touch and invited me down to their Covent garden restaurant to try their two new dishes! They wont be there for long - just over a week - so you better rush down if you want to try them and trust me, you do!

I arrived at 2.30 and went to meet James and Nipull! They were both so friendly and helpful, they both really added to my overall experience there!

Apparently I just missed the lunch rush but it's crazy, this place was so busy, Covent garden always is! I love how there's so much going on and so much to see, it's the kind of place Andrew and I could spend all afternoon in sitting around, eating and people watching, we love people watching!

I was expecting just to be trying the two new dishes - a Corndog and the new "concrete" but I ended up trying so much more, I was totally stuffed by the end of it haha

So lets get started, my first tray arrived and it smelt so good! 
First off we had chips, amazing thick cut, ridgey chips covered in a gooey cheese sauce! It was like the cinema cheese sauce that you get on top of nachos, definiely more of a cheese sauce than an cheese. oh myy it was so good! That's where I started - picking at the chips while I tweeted about how amazing they were.
 Next, I moved on to the new corndog - I wanted to approach it in the most lady like way possible, which is quite a hard task hah luckily James had already though ahead on this one and brought me a knife and fork. I can be seen twisting and pulling at the stick, trying to remove it so that the knife and ford actually work haha, it was much easier to not make a fool of myself once I had got rid of that.

The corndog was a super new thing for me, you always see them in kids cartoons but I've never had one before so it was quite an exciting new thing to try! It came with a cold spicy relish which was just a little too spicy for me but ketchup was the perfect replacement, super yummy! - I think it's sold as a side but it was quite big and very flavourful, I would have been happy with it as a main!
Now for the burger, it was the only thing from the menu that I had tried in the past and it was just as good as I remembered it! I was so pleased I got to try another one! Its big and juicy and I loved that it looked like a cartoon burger, big green lettuce and a bright red tomatoe - yummy, I love all that stuff in a burger! I couldn't wait to start and sat there getting burger sauce all over my face. No shame! It was so good.
After I finished the burger and still had half a corndog and chips left I made James take the tray away otherwise I would have sat there all day just eating it until there was nothing left to eat - a bad habit of mine! If any food is left in front of me, it wont be there for long!
Next up was dessert, The the new blueberry pie oh my concrete which is the other dish which is only around for a limited time - James then offered me a milkshake to go with my concrete, like I was going to refuse that haha he told me that caramel was his favourite flavour so that what I went for , lets just say - good call James, it was so good! Super thick and tasted of creamy, fudgy caramel. I would have come to the shake shack for one of those alone! A definitely favourite! Once I had waited for it to melt a little it was much easier to drink!! mmmm
Now time to try this crazy concrete?! I had no idea what to expect but when it arrived I got the whole concrete concept, it looked like ice cream but it was so super thick - it was super yummy too but there was no way I was going to get though the whole thing. Big chunks of blueberry pie mixed into the and of course I  picked out all the pie and ate that haha and tried to get into the ice cream but it was just too thick for me! 

Blueberry pie is another totally American thing that I had never eaten before as well! 
And that brings an end to my meal at The Shake Shack.
 Huge thanks to the guys for having me down and looking after me so well!
 I enjoyed everything that I tried and will definitely be making a trip back with Andrew asap!

FASHION: Urban Junk Drip Backpack

Thursday 29 May 2014

A few weeks ago Andrew decided to book us into the Premier Inn hotel at Westfield for the night! It's so cheap and lovely to just get away for the night and relax, we went shopping and when it got too busy we went to the room for a nap haha love a weekend nap. We normally go out for food and cocktails but this time we went to Waitrose and the great eastern market, picked up some food and a bottle of champagne and relaxed in the room all evening.

I always struggle with what bag to take since up until l last week I didn't really have a backpack. That's where Urban Junk come in - when I spotted this super cute new brand, I knew it was time to get one! They have loads and loads of bold cartoon deigns which is just my kind of thing! It was so hard to choose which one I wanted because I loved so many of them but this one won in the end!

It has two big compartments and lots more different ones inside and all around the outside, I love pockets haha. I seem to be taking it out with me every weekend now, I just love the fun design and it brightens up all my outfits! Here's what I wore for our night away!
Top - River Island
Jeans - Primark
Shoes* - BANK
Backpack* - Urban Junk 
Phone Case - Disney, Florida

LIFESTYLE: Cocktail Making With Southern Comfort

Tuesday 27 May 2014

Cocktail classes are one of my favourite ways ever to spend an evening so I was very pleased when I got an email last week from Southern Comfort inviting me to their event!

After a long, hard day of relaxing in the super hot sunshine, I made my way into town to a cute little bar called the Arts Theatre Club just behind Tottenham court road, I was kind of expecting a little un-used theatre but it was a super cool bar perfect for the whole new Orleans saloon vibe of Southern Comfort.
For someone who had working in a pub for almost a year, I'd never tried Southern Comfort before, although it was a very popular drink and I can now see why. I met Edita wandering around outside the bar and we both went it together, we spend the whole night together actually and we even both won the little quiz at the end haha, Anyway, upon entering, we were given cute little name badges and one of the yummiest drinks ever, I will definitely be ordering one next time I'm out  - Southern Comfort, lemonade and lime!
After a little bit of mingling and alot of taking photos with the photographer as we arrived early, We had a little presentation other brand which I thought was really interesting. I seem to have a genuine interest for cocktail history, I loved it! I learnt that Southern Comfort started it life called cuffs and buttons, then it was renamed the great old drink of the south before finally becoming Southern Comfort!
After watching the professionals make us each a drink, I got a chance to design and make my own Southern Comfort cocktail. The main ingredient after the alcohol was chocolate, naturally and a dash of lime - I wasn't too impressed, it was a bit of a mess to be honest but I enjoyed making it all the same hahah I then uploaded my lovely recipe to their Go Drink Yourself campaign where you can upload your recipes for the chance to win a mug that has been shaped just like your face, a mug of your mug as they call it lol! Here I am with my finished cocktail:
We finished off the night with lots of pizza and a quiz, which as I mentioned before I won haha I got a lovely big bottle of Southern Comfort so I can work on making a cocktail that I will actually enjoy haha.
Big thanks to Southern Comfort for organising a super fun night!

Follow the campaign with #WhateversComfortable

LIFESTYLE: Birdseye Inspirations, Krispy Kreme & Costa's Summer Menu

Friday 23 May 2014

 I've done lots of foodie bits and pieces over the past two weeks so I thought instead of loads of mini posts, I could just put them into one!

I was invited to a sitting of the first ever pay by instagram restaurant in London hosted my Birdseye, what a strange concept, but I loved it, any excuse to take more photos of my food haha. I'll be honest, I thought it all might be a little cheap since it's free but it wasn't, you would never be able to tell! It looks just like a normal restaurant except you didn't have to pay at the end.

We started with some bread, oil and vinegar which is something I always love to start a meal with. The waiting staff were great and offered us wine, water, coke, whatever we wanted really. Once we were settled with our bread and drinks we then got to work picking our meals over the iPads, each table setting came with and ipad for you to use throughout your meal - I picked the chicken which was super yummy with a garlic sauce inside and some minted veg!

The meal finished with a choice of chocolate or strawberry desserts, obviously I went for chocolate which was a super thick and decedent chocolate pot thing with ice cream on top!

 Since it was national doughnut week, the next very exciting launch that I went to the unveiling of the world's most expensive doughnut with Krispy Kreme. I arrived first thing in the morning and was very excited, I didn't really know what to expect although I did think it was going to be huge!! After getting everyone's attention and a little drum roll the doughnut was revealed and although it was normal sized, it looked amazing! A sparkly gold creation sitting on a pretty cocktail. I got a chance to speak to the woman who made it and she talked me though the ingredients - Dom Pérignon jelly, 24 ct gold leaf and edible diamonds! Then finally we were told how much it cost! £1000!!! and one lucky lady - Claudine - won in on a facebook competition, what a crazy prize and as well as that she got a stay in London plus £500 Selfridges voucher - a very nice prize if you ask me! If you fancied a less expensive version for yourself, Selfridges were selling 12 bespoke doughnuts on the day at £39.99 each.

At the end of the unveiling Krispy Kreme presented a giant £10,000 cheque to the children's trust! 
After all that excitement, I was off down to Oxford street for a little bit of shopping! I said goodbye and left but not before picking up a yummy chocolate doughnut for the journey!!

I didn't have time to look up the venue properly for this one so I just followed my phone to the address - I turned up outside a Hawaiian paradise club hidden behind chancery lane, definitely not what I was expecting for a coffee event, but I was very excited all the same, I love Costa's summer drinks normally so I was looking forward to what that have planned for this year! I arrived early and was greeted by the lovely Costa girls and the amazing room they had set up with deck chairs and flower garlands, a makeup artist, manicurists, food and lots of Costa treats! The girls and I got straight into eating some of the yummy food and chatting about the new releases before trying all of the drinks with a piece of cake afterwards!

There are eight yummy new drinks for you to look forward to which will be in stores from the 29th of May! Here's what you have got to look forward to -

Strawberry & Lime Fruit Cooler
Green Tea, Mint & Lime Fruit Cooler
Caramel Latte Cooler
Mint Mocha Creamy Cooler
Lemon Iced Tea
Peach Iced Tea
Coffee Cooler
Iced Ginger Beer & Mint

My favourite was 100% the Mint Mocha, I'm not a fan of actual coffee as I was a bit worried about trying it because I have never liked coffee based coolers in the past but it was really nice and the tiny little faint taste of coffee give it a little extra kick, it was also topped with whipped cream and chocolate which helped put it to the top of my list haha. I also loved the white chocolate blondie, I've never had a while chocolate brownie before but it was amazing, sweet and gooey with chocolate chunks and pecans on top, so yummy! After stuffing my face with one of every thing, you know I had to try if all for reviewing purposes, I ended up behind the bar making a ginger beer inspired cocktail in theme with the new release, I was far too full to drink and alcohol but I was happy because it meant I got a drink in a tiki glass and that was all I really wanted hahah.

LIFESTYLE: The Hummingbird Bakery, SOHO

Thursday 22 May 2014

Last week I was very lucky to be invited down to the Hummingbird Bakery (Soho branch) for the first time ever and given a few cakes to try!
Having walked past it a couple of times recently, I already knew it was a cute little pink shop but going in an having a look at all the amazing looking cakes was quite an experience! Everything looked amazing, there were rows and rows of cupcakes and then a big collection of big cake stands at the end with the most amazing looking cakes I've ever seen plus whoopie pies and tray bakes! The first one that I was drawn to and had to try was the rainbow cake, I have attempted to make one before and it was a big failure to I was a little star struck or cake struck to see such a perfect one with such bright colours and very defined lines, the cake itself was very moist and tasted rather normal - I was expecting it to taste like food colouring considering the craziness of its colour, but it was a really lovely sponge! I was also super shocked that the icing wasn't just plain vanilla like I was expecting but super sweet bubblegum flavour.
The next cake didn't need thinking about, even before I had arrived, I knew that I had to try one of their red velvet cakes, no questions asked. I couldn't leave without trying one of the pretty cupcakes so this time I went for a red velvet cupcake rather than a big slice. My friend, Alice met me after work so we tried that one together, she was actually the one who mentioned their red velvet cakes to me in the first place so she was the right person to try it with! It was just as amazing as I'd heard, lovely moist sponge with loads of amazing cream cheese icing - red velvet is taking over and is definitely their most popular - I can see why, its now my flavour of choice too!
The staff in store were lovely and very helpful, after spending the afternoon sitting in there watching the world go by, I soon learnt that although it's super busy and there were people dropping in all afternoon, they knew their customers very well! Alot of their conversations finished with see you tomorrow at the end and for others who were just as unfamiliar as me, they staff knew their stuff, one lady popped in to pick up some cupcakes for catching up with her friend that night and asked one of the girls about alot of the cakes, she knew every exact details of each cake, it was very impressive.

Huge Thanks to the Hummingbird Bakery for a lovely afternoon and starting my new addiction! I will be popping in every time I walk past from now on! 

FASHION: Throwbacks with New Look

Wednesday 21 May 2014

A few weeks ago, New Look contacted me to find out about my favourite dress, one that I would never, ever though away. In fact, I actually love this dress so much that I have three identical ones plus a white version because I was so worried about if something happened to it and I wouldn't be able to wear it anymore. I realise that sounds a bit crazy but I just over think things haha what if the washing machine ripped it up or it went off to the ironing and never came back? I'd be devastated, I love it that much! I just love the bright colours and the geometric cut out shape. It also fits me really well and since I have one good hip and one bad, it really accentuates that shape of my curvy one haha. It's a great length for me and with such a big cut out, it means that I don't get overheated like I usually do with a dress in a club!

Dress - Quontum
Heels - New Look
and as its with New Look they have asked me which one of their dresses fits the criteria to be my new throwback dress! I'm actually loving this dress from New Look. The print is so cute and so summery, I'd be happy to wear it all summer, then throw it to the back of my wardrobe for the winter and get it back out again next year!

Which Dress Will You Never Get Rid Of?

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