FASHION: Throwbacks with New Look

A few weeks ago, New Look contacted me to find out about my favourite dress, one that I would never, ever though away. In fact, I actually love this dress so much that I have three identical ones plus a white version because I was so worried about if something happened to it and I wouldn't be able to wear it anymore. I realise that sounds a bit crazy but I just over think things haha what if the washing machine ripped it up or it went off to the ironing and never came back? I'd be devastated, I love it that much! I just love the bright colours and the geometric cut out shape. It also fits me really well and since I have one good hip and one bad, it really accentuates that shape of my curvy one haha. It's a great length for me and with such a big cut out, it means that I don't get overheated like I usually do with a dress in a club!

Dress - Quontum
Heels - New Look
and as its with New Look they have asked me which one of their dresses fits the criteria to be my new throwback dress! I'm actually loving this dress from New Look. The print is so cute and so summery, I'd be happy to wear it all summer, then throw it to the back of my wardrobe for the winter and get it back out again next year!

Which Dress Will You Never Get Rid Of?

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