LIFESTYLE: The King William IV, Chigwell

Last week I was invited down to my favourite local summer time pub to try out their new summer menu. The King William IV - It is at the end of my old road and I used to go there all the time in the summer, it has a great outdoor seating area and you are sure to spot a celebrity, last time I went, It was Joey Essex! I have loads of memories going there with my parents growing up, after I had my back operation, I was told to walk 2 miles everyday, which normally ended up with us walking there - which definitely wasn't two miles hahah more like a slow 10 minute walk lolol

Here's what I wore - nothing too tight haha

Top - New Look (Gifted Voucher)
Jacket & Jeans - Primark
Converse* - BANK
It was such a great excuse to get back to Chigwell since I miss it there so much and now that I live a little further away, I don't visit as much! Anyway, they have just launched their summer menu which will run until around sept/oct and they asked me to come in as see what I thought! Well, I'm not going to turn that down am I?!
Obviously, this is nothing new for me but the pub is very bright and airy, its definitely a summer pub! Decorated nicely, there are big chalk boards all about and different coloured sections, we spent out afternoon in the green part!
I was greeted with a non alcoholic Mojito which was lovely and refreshing on this crazy day. I left the house and it was pouring, when I arrived it was bright sunshine! Still, I love them so much better without the alcohol and it also means that are perfect to drink all day long!
 Whilst sipping on my cocktail, the British deli board was brought out! This would have been perfect sitting out on the deck in the sun but sadly, it was freezing! I loved the yummy piccalilli that came with it and although I'm not normally a huge fan of these kinds of starters, they are one of those things you can just pick at while your chatting & Andrew loves it - They are his favourite thing ever so I will definitely be telling him about this before our next visit! 
 Next up was a starter that I would never, ever have thought to order, it's really my mums kind of thing but it was amazing and I was very pleased to try it. This is now a dish that I would order off my own accord - big meaty Portobello mushrooms covered with a stilton cheese sauce. It took over from their last mushroom dish which was very popular, this proved to be even more so and I can see why - it was very good!
This is the first of two main courses that I tried - the chicken and ham pie. It's a kind of rainy, summer day dish, you know like when its August and you wish it would be sunny but its not and you want something to cheer you up - like that haha It was very light for a pie. The pastry was thin and crispy and the chunks of meat were huge and yummy! It also came with honey roasted carrots which were really good!

The second main course was swordfish, this was totally new for me, I've never had it before.  Swordfish is a very meaty fish which was nice and filling and it looks really pretty too! It had a slice of pineapple and a pineapple dresing which I really loved, it gave it a little tropical kick.
 Now on to my favourite part - dessert yey and lucky for me, I got to try them all at once. What a great looking (and tasting) dessert platter this is, and how much did it cost? Just under £11. This could easily feed four! Creme brulee, salted caramel chocolate pot, gypsy tart and a cookie ice cream sandwich, dreamyy!! I though I was going to like the salted caramel pot the best, doesn't it sound amazing?! and it was lovely but it same second to the cookies and ice cream, so simple but I've never had it before, it was so good! All of it was good actually, apart from the gypsy tart, but that's just my taste.
 Now for an after lunch cocktail. The chocolate martini is this weeks cocktail special, they change it every week and I definitly picked a good week as a chocoholic haha. It was very strong but yummy at the same time and costs £5.95 a glass and is made up so shots of Baileys, Vodka and Chocolate Liquor. Apparently alot of people go for one of these instead of desset but I say why choose?! I'd definitely have both haha
So that brings an end to my lovely afternoon at  The King William IV

Be sure to pop in if you're in the area!

High Road, Chigwell, Essex, IG7 6PJ

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  1. I'm glad you had a great time! The décor looks beautiful, perfect for summer like you say! x

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