LIFESTYLE: Cocktail Making With Southern Comfort

Cocktail classes are one of my favourite ways ever to spend an evening so I was very pleased when I got an email last week from Southern Comfort inviting me to their event!

After a long, hard day of relaxing in the super hot sunshine, I made my way into town to a cute little bar called the Arts Theatre Club just behind Tottenham court road, I was kind of expecting a little un-used theatre but it was a super cool bar perfect for the whole new Orleans saloon vibe of Southern Comfort.
For someone who had working in a pub for almost a year, I'd never tried Southern Comfort before, although it was a very popular drink and I can now see why. I met Edita wandering around outside the bar and we both went it together, we spend the whole night together actually and we even both won the little quiz at the end haha, Anyway, upon entering, we were given cute little name badges and one of the yummiest drinks ever, I will definitely be ordering one next time I'm out  - Southern Comfort, lemonade and lime!
After a little bit of mingling and alot of taking photos with the photographer as we arrived early, We had a little presentation other brand which I thought was really interesting. I seem to have a genuine interest for cocktail history, I loved it! I learnt that Southern Comfort started it life called cuffs and buttons, then it was renamed the great old drink of the south before finally becoming Southern Comfort!
After watching the professionals make us each a drink, I got a chance to design and make my own Southern Comfort cocktail. The main ingredient after the alcohol was chocolate, naturally and a dash of lime - I wasn't too impressed, it was a bit of a mess to be honest but I enjoyed making it all the same hahah I then uploaded my lovely recipe to their Go Drink Yourself campaign where you can upload your recipes for the chance to win a mug that has been shaped just like your face, a mug of your mug as they call it lol! Here I am with my finished cocktail:
We finished off the night with lots of pizza and a quiz, which as I mentioned before I won haha I got a lovely big bottle of Southern Comfort so I can work on making a cocktail that I will actually enjoy haha.
Big thanks to Southern Comfort for organising a super fun night!

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