FASHION: Happy Birthday Georgina Does With Motel Rocks And SpyLoveBuy

Today is my blogs second birthday! How crazy is that, I have been doing this almost every single day for two years today, So before I go on to today's main post, I just wanted to say Thank You to everyone who has supported me and helped me to grow my blog!

Today, also (hopefully) marks the start of going outside for outfit photos again! The background might look a little different as I have moved house since the last time but I finally convinced Andrew to take some photos for my outside of my bedroom. I was hoping for the field across the road but I settled with the garden - it was better than nothing hahah

I am wearing this beautiful shift dress from Motel Rocks today. It is one of my favourite shaped dresses. I have quite a few shifts but this one is one of the better shaped ones. It's also made of a lovely flowing material which makes it great for dressing up for the evening or dressing down for a festival or a day at the park!

This time, I dressed it up with my new pair of cleated heels! I know I'm a little late with these but I'm just happy to finally have a pair, I love how big they are and that the heel isn't insanely heavy like I was excepting. I tried to go out in stilettos last night and I'd forgotten how hard they were to walk in ahh clumpy heels are more my thing and so much easier to walk in!

Happy Birthday Blog!

Dress* - Motel Rocks
Shoes* - SpyLoveBuy

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  1. Lovely outfit, I think the print on that dress is gorgeous :D
    I like how you've styled it with the shoes gives it a bit of edge which looks very effective :)

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  3. "Happy birthday Georgina! Wishing you a wonderful day full of joy and happiness! May the success of your Digital Marketing or Marketing Management endeavors be amplified this coming year! Enjoy your special day!


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