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So its getting closer and closer and soon Andrew and I will be starting to pack for our holiday! Last night I was laying in bed thinking about all the things I need to pack and what I will be needing on a day to day basis when I'm actually out exploring in the day. Here's my first thoughts and what I came up with, I'm sure I will be thinking of new things to add every day haha
 The Bag

I know for sure that my Zatches Satchel* will be my big bag that comes with me in the day as there will be allot of things that I will want to keep on me! It's big, strong and sturdy as well as having very secure fastenings which is something I imagine I might need in Bangkok. Its been made out of a high quality holographic leather and has a long across body strap so I don't have to think about holding it! I think it's super cute and I cant wait to use it every day!

 Cameras and Technology

First things first, my phone comes everywhere with me, I would just be totally lost without and it is the only one that I really do need, the rest are all just nice extras or back up haha. I will be using it for wifi on the go as hopefully I will be able to find some in cafes or just on the street. I will also be mainly using it for photos as I love being about to upload them straight from there and to be honest, the quality is about the same as the digital camera which I'm just bringing along as a back up! My phone case of choice this time is my new personalised one from Mr Nutcase*! I picked four of my favourite photos of Andrew and I!

This one I wasn't too sure about, do I want to take a tablet? Probably not my Ipad, maybe my HP tablet, or maybe neither? There is no urgency for me to bring either as I used them both just the same as my phone, but it would be nice to have a bigger screen for when we're in the hotel room or relaxing by the pool or beach, what do you guys think? One thing I do know is that if  either of them come on holiday with me, they will be staying in my new very padded FYT&Co. tablet case* to keep them safe.

My little green Ipod will be a must for the very long plane journey and lazing by the beach! I seem to be the only person who still has an iPod but I love it! All of it's music is over 5 years old and I cant update it as my old laptop with all the music is gone so that's how it will stay! I may also bring along my cheap new mp3 player so I can listen to some new music as well haha 

and the most exciting thing for me is definitely my new baby blue Polaroid camera*! I have had it for a while but haven't set it up yet and am trying to save the film for Thailand as its quite expensive I have been collecting film wherever I can (Amazing vouchers, Jessop's, Ebay) in the lead up so I have loads for the whole holiday, I want to make a cute little album at the end. 
I'm going to need sunglasses so my lovely new Ray Bans* will be coming along with me, I normally wear aviators every day when I'm away but sometimes fancy a change so I will be taking the round ones too which I got from Next!

Theres also spare contact lenses and a purse!

Can You Think Of Anything Else That I Will Need?

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  1. That bag is the most gorgeous bag I've seen! Definitely going on my wishlist...

  2. I'm going on holiday soon too with my boyfriend and I feel the exact same! As for anything extra to bring, I would pack rechargeable batteries with the charger for my camera as batteries never last:p and maybe a small neck pillow for the long flight x x

  3. You seem to have all bases covered.

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