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Wednesday 27 February 2013

It's cold today, actually it's freezing and I had to get a blood test. wahh.

 At least I have my new jumper, I have been lusting after this 'Follow' design for years but I never had enough money at the right time, so you can imagine how pleased I was when The Orphans Arms offered to send me one, I'm never going to take it off. They are such a great growing brand and I think I said last time, I love how English they are!

At first I thought the design had some Alice in Wonderland reference but someone told me it was somthing to do with being high ondrugs, I'm not sure. To be fair I guess the whole story of Alice in Wondering is quite a trippy idea anyway.

Today I've been in a horrible mood but I've finished college for the day and am warm at home now. Thinking about going out clubbing later although I'm not 100% yet, it's so cold. I could swap the dress and socks for black skinnies, that might keep me warm but we'll have to see later on!

Jumper* - The Orphans Arms
dress & Socks - Primark
Shoes - Office


Tuesday 26 February 2013

Hey guys!!

Today I wanna show you these cute little contact cases I got from Beautifeye! Its always nice when you can make somthing you have to do every day just a little bit more exciting.

For those of you who dont know, I wear contact lenses. so when Beautifeye agreed to send me some bits I was happy to accept! They were originally a contact lense company stocking over 150 natural looking ones and more than 750 crazy different styles. As well as that, they sell an array contact lense accessories and alot of make up.


 This is what my normal stuff from the opticians looks like, its just normal  to me you know? I've been wearing lenses for around 8 years now so its no big deal.
I've got the white case which is pretty boring and the huge bottle of sanitizer - 240 ml to be exact. You fill the pots with sanitizer and leave your lenses to soak over night.
I think the only problem I have with this is that I'm a baby and can't keep my lenses in all day becuase I get headaches and I can't take it haha i think sometime i just imagine i have a headache but yeah i dont know, anyway it means that I'm constantly wanting to take them out half way though the day or somtimes if I know its going to be a long day I'll just wear my galsses, sighh.

One of the products I got from beautifeye fixed this problem, YEY! 
It's a little travel kit, I've never seen a travel kit before not even at the airport of somwhere like that so I was rather pleased with this. It means I don't have to carry they bottle everywhere and it's super cute! It comes in hello kitty, spongebob, stitch or just plain colours. 

I'd totally recommend this for anyone who wears contacts- even if you can keep them in all day (show offs) this set is great for sleepovers or little overnight trips.
As well as the cute carry case I got a couple of fun cases for when I'm at home, just making everyday things moreinteresting.

Back To College

Monday 25 February 2013

Back to college today after a totally jam packed half term and what a horrible day for it, it's freezing!

 Probably was the perfect time for me to wear my new body warmer from The North Face, I always see the north face about espeiclly when I'm in central London but it's always the huge jackets on middle aged people, and when I do see the body warmers it's always on younger people, I guess the older folk feel the cold more haha either way, it's the warmest thing I own, seriously I'm so warm right, you can just feel how well made its been, because they are meant for hiking and camping The North Face put all of their efforts into making these jackets as warm as possible only problem at the moment is my arms, I gotta wear another coat over the top to keep my super warm, although i checked out the label and it said this bodywarmers were made to fit into the "exterior shells" to make one full coat kinda thing. Anyway once I'm inside college (which is always freezing) I can take my coat off and it's the perfect temprature. I think when it starts to get a little bit warmer- just a little bit - then it will be perfect, and I also think I'll be wearing it though the summeras just an easy throw on kinda thing.

 I love it is bright white, it'll match with the snow (if it comes and I'm sure it will) I like how it stands out, too much black makes me sad so I always try to get white instead but it also comes in a few other colours which is nice, purples, blues and such.

Bodywarmer* - The North Face At The Outdoor Kit 
Black Top & Jeans - Primark
Converse* - Cloggs

Come On Barbie, Let's Go Party

Saturday 23 February 2013

Today is my first day to have a least a bit of a rest of the whole half term. Ive been so busy with events and my internship and trying to fit in some time to see Andrew as well.

Anyway I just found these photos that Iwas meant to post last week (oops), I guess better late then never right?! It's not like I've got an outfit to show you today because I'm doing everything I can do to relax until 7 when I have work which means staying in my pjs all day.

So how are we liking this super cute vintage barbie skirt? Adel over at fox vintage made it for me, shes amazing at what she does and such a lovely person. This skirt is a little longer than I would normally go for but thats vintage for you. The material has the cutest pattern and I love the bright colours. As always paired with my trusty crop top!

Top - ASOS
Skirt* - Fox Vintage
Shoes - ASDA
Lashes* - Stargazer

For those of you who read yesterdays post - The video is now up.

What do you think?

 I know one thing, you know I said I might start a vlog? well I'm thinking thats most probably not the case now because I forgot how horrible my voice sounds on vidoe, I absolutly hate it. I dont't know if I sound like that in real life but I don't think I could deal with recording my vcoice and then spending hours listening to it while editing. I still might try but if it doesnt go well, that will be the end of that haha. I am super cringe in this, I was so unprepared and so nervous I was talking alot of rubbish.. 
Yeah im the crop top queen, are you wearing one now? No..
 hahaha not good! 



Friday 22 February 2013

Considering its only 12 I've had quite an eventful morning! Myself and Andrew got up at 7:20 (Yes, that early?!) and went down to Carnaby Street to meet with Will Keenan from Maker Studios at Fashtag Studios. All the guys there very really fun, quirky and friendlly and made us feel really welcome even theough the didn't know we were going to be there.

I dont really know much about vloggers and youtube blogging but I sat in whilst they filmed "Thank Fashtag it's friday" and I got even myself (well, Will did all the hard work)  an interview! It was quite an eyeopener and has made me give some thought about maybe starting a vlog as well as this blog. 

The finished video isn't up yet but I will add it into this post later on :)


Wednesday 20 February 2013

Monday night I was lucky enough to attend the BeautyCon after party in Home House just around the corner from Oxford street. It was more a vlogger event but my friend Charlotte got me an invite. woohoo

 I arrived early (as per usual) and wearing totally the wrong outfit. I though blogger event so everyone going would be dressed like a blogger. I was wrong, there were celebrity's there and everyone was super posh in black dresses and heels. Well there was nothing I could do so I had to just embrace looking totally out of place, it kinda worked for me because by the end I had people asking where my super platform trainers were from.

 I had a few people tell me they knew I was a blogger becuase I was taking photos of everything. I suppose it was a good job I didn't realise that Ashley Roberts and some other celebs were there or I wold have been trying to photograph them all night, but being the amazing photographer I am, I seem to have somehow found some photos of them on my phone anyway. 

There were free drinks, goodie bags, good music, sweets and a photobooth (some of my favourite things ever) woo

 I wore:
Top* - The Orphans Arms
Shorts - H&M 
Shoes - Office

Perfect Purple

Sunday 17 February 2013

I think it's time for a good old outfit post, feels like ages since I last blogged one, and why not return to outfits with a perfect velvet midi?

 I got this dress in the Miss Selfridge sale at lakeside a couple of weeks ago, maybe you recognise it from my valentines day post? It was the last size 8 there, I could have done with a 6 to be fair - it's a little bit loose around the back but I loved it and it was in the end of season sale, so I had to have it there and then, couldn't risk not finding it again.

It defiantely has a gothic feel about it just as it is but I fancied playing it up a little so I added a skull drop ear cuff and my favourite monster boots. Having a super hot ear cuff gave me an excuse to try somthing different with my hair too, Andrew didn't like it and kept laughing at me while we were shooting these but I think its cool.

What do you think?

Boots* - SpyLoveBuy
EarCuff* - ChelseaDoll


Saturday 16 February 2013

Hey Guys! How was your valentines?

Mine was absolutely perfect, I really do have the best boyfriend in the whole world. He makes me feel like a princess everyday so doing something even more special would have been hard but he outdid himself.
We woke up bright and early yesterday morning and hopped on the underground to Oxford street, just five minutes walk and we had arrived at the Langham Hotel, I'd seen this place before but never been inside (or so I thought. Apparently my aunt and uncle got married there when I was three, I was a bridesmaid and I fell asleep). Anyway...
 This hotel is amazing, It's one of the top ones in London and you could see why upon entering! It is so big and grand, everything was perfect in its place. We went straight to our room to drop off our bags and then took a little wander around the place before heading to the Palm Court for the cutest afternoon tea ever.
I love the normal kinda afternoon tea -finger sandwiches, scones and all but we was presented with the sweetest plate of  valentines day treats, pink candy floss hearts and red macaroons with chocolate lips. It was perfect. Totally stuffed from that, we made our way up to the room for a short nap hahaha and then down to the spa for a swim.
As I said, the hotel is right behind Oxford street so in the evening we went for a walk into carnaby street and into a bar before getting McDonald's and going back to our huge white bed.

It was the best day ever.


Monday 11 February 2013

Last night I was watching Mr Selfridges when I get a message.. " Girls are you going into college tomorow if it carrys on like this" I  looked at it and thought what on earth are you talking about?! Apparenly it was snowing, I had no idea haha. 

Answering her question, I did go into college, it was only a short day so when I finished at 2, Andrew brought me home and we played with Molly in the snow. In the few months that we've had her for she has experienced alot of snow and she loves playing in it and tbh it was a good excuse for me to get out my scarf and my wellies and play with her.

Isn't she the cutest?

Jumper* & Scarf* - SkipNWhistle
Jeans - Primark

Lazy Sunday

Sunday 10 February 2013

How super cute is this whole thing?! My new perfect vintage barbie skirt arrived yesterday and I just had to wear it, I will be doing a proper post on it in the week so watch out!

Got these crazy lashes from Stargazer, definately the best place for mad lashes, they are online but I've seen loads of them around Camden if you want to check them out in person first, they really are huge. I think they would be perfect for a party or sotmhing fun. This is the second time Ive tried huge lashes and this time around they went on straight away, youve just got to get the angle right. I was really happy to find a lovley tub of easy to use glue included.

Sundays have become proper relax days for me recently, maybe a little too relaxed haha I slept at Andrews last night and then we went to a pub for lunch today, I wore his tracksuit bottoms and his t-shirt (which I'm still wearing in these photos) Sometimes wearing your boyfriend's clothes looks good right? Well not today, I was just being lazy and they were comfortable! Anyway, after a jacket potatoe and chocolate brownies with ice cream we drove back to mine and took lots of photos with all my new bits and pieces for blog posts to come later this week!

Would you wear these?
Lashes* - Stargazer
Skirt* - Fox Vintage

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