Back To College

Back to college today after a totally jam packed half term and what a horrible day for it, it's freezing!

 Probably was the perfect time for me to wear my new body warmer from The North Face, I always see the north face about espeiclly when I'm in central London but it's always the huge jackets on middle aged people, and when I do see the body warmers it's always on younger people, I guess the older folk feel the cold more haha either way, it's the warmest thing I own, seriously I'm so warm right, you can just feel how well made its been, because they are meant for hiking and camping The North Face put all of their efforts into making these jackets as warm as possible only problem at the moment is my arms, I gotta wear another coat over the top to keep my super warm, although i checked out the label and it said this bodywarmers were made to fit into the "exterior shells" to make one full coat kinda thing. Anyway once I'm inside college (which is always freezing) I can take my coat off and it's the perfect temprature. I think when it starts to get a little bit warmer- just a little bit - then it will be perfect, and I also think I'll be wearing it though the summeras just an easy throw on kinda thing.

 I love it is bright white, it'll match with the snow (if it comes and I'm sure it will) I like how it stands out, too much black makes me sad so I always try to get white instead but it also comes in a few other colours which is nice, purples, blues and such.

Bodywarmer* - The North Face At The Outdoor Kit 
Black Top & Jeans - Primark
Converse* - Cloggs


  1. Confortable + cool = College outfit!
    Love it, quite similar to mine. I'm waiting for snow in my hometown too.


  2. oo I love this outfit,
    casual and very stylish <3
    UK High Street Fashion & Style

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