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It has been my recent mission to get a pair of pink disco pants, well I can tick that off of my list now!! I ended up finding these on New Look . They only cost £22 but a word of wisdom, be careful when ordering anything online! When I was ordering these, I used £7 from an old gift card, the money came off of the card but not off of my recipt, well thats what I though! I had an email that said I'd paid £45, (I ordered some other stuff) an invoice in my package saying £49 which neither of had the £7 discount. I took it into a local store thinking there were actual people in there that I could talk to but they were useless and told me to call the helpline and sort it myself - so I did. Apparently I had only been charged £38 - so the discount worked - just all the information I was sent was completely wrong. When it went though my online banking, I saw that I was in fact only charged £38. It was a lot of hassel over nothing really!

 Rant Over. Now I can show you what all this trouble was for, and I think it was worth it for this beauties! I've never seen anyone with pink ones before and but I was drawn to them, I do live in essex after all.  hahaha

Have you had problems when ordering online?

 Top - ASOS
Disco Pants - New Look 
Trainers - Office
Earrings* - Chelsea Doll

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  1. Love leggings recently, and this one is perfect! Nice color :) xoxo Nini
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  2. You are literally the only person I know who could pull these off! Haha! They look awesome on you xxx

  3. ive got one thing t say to you.. bitch, look at that figure bitch bitch bitch xx

  4. great blog and nice post! I will be here more often, I'm ur new follower!
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  5. Fantastic pants, i like it. :)

  6. Aha you look amazing! Gorgeous figure, cute outfit and I love your blog :)
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    Thanks doll :) xx

  7. Thanks for the kind comment on my DIY. You look great I love the whole Aqua vibe- I've got "Barbie girl" stuck in my head now (come on Barbie lets go party- oooh oh oooh oh)
    Andrew looks great in front of the camera!

    1. Thanks fir the lovely comment. I find it hard to wear a maxi without showing a flash of skin either a bit of tummy or a bit of shoulder. Primark jeans are the best! I've tried pretty much them all and the fit I'd PERFECT- plus I like them quite high on my waist and others just don't compare in Simon Cowell standards

  8. Absolutely stunning!! The pink trousers/leggins are amazing, so bright and fun. I really like what you've paired them with they. The whole outfit is super cool and quite different :D Thanks for the comment!! I've been having a look at your blog and it's really good! I am your new follower :) Maybe follow back? Hehe
    Ally xoxox

  9. Great Blog, Love your style!!

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  10. Those trousers look incredible on you!! xx

  11. You are a Disco Diva, these are fabulous!!

  12. Wow loving your disco pants! I haven't seen a pair in that colour yet and love them x

  13. Love the hot pink pants~

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  14. love the colour of those disco pants.
    thanks for your comment on my blog lovely!

  15. the disco pants look stunning on you! the color <3

    Pudding Monster

  16. they look amazing on have an awesome figure

  17. I love those shoes! They're great!

  18. you are really brave to pull these off! they look great on you


  19. I've never thought about wearing disco pants in pink before but they look hot!!!! A bit 90s/90s as well which is always a good thing!

    I have a giveaway on my blog at the moment where you could win a Breakfast at Tiffany's book - have a look if you're interested :)

    x Hannah

  20. Cute disco pants <3
    UK High Street Fashion & Style

  21. Those pants are so cool!! They definitely remind me of something Barbie would wear :p

  22. Oh my i love this outfit!!
    Oh i remember when i had a slim figure like yours, until I had my daughter 6 months ago haha
    amazing pictures :)
    you look stunning

  23. Amazing pants !! I always love your style :)

  24. those creepers are to die for! Amazing outfit <3

  25. You look awesome! I'm now followng your blog (I thought I was already but I don't think I clicked through the script properly - doh) xx

  26. you look amazing!! :)

  27. Love the colour of these disco pants!


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