LIFESTYLE: Money Saving Tips At Uni

Wednesday 30 September 2015

My brother started uni last week. He went on his first lads holiday this summer but apart from that, my mum has always done everything for him from waking him up in the morning to making him eat a sandwich when she has realised he has been too lazy to make himself anything to eat all day and its now 3pm.

So for the past few weeks we have been sorting him out with ideas and of course money was a big thing. We did lots of research and also I asked Andrew who was a student so I though it might be cool to share some of my new found knowledge!
Buy Supermarkets Own
This definitely doenst count for everything - but it can be great for alot of things! I absolutley love supermarket own cheap milk chocolate bars - they are actually my favourite tasting chocolate and at 30p for a family sized bar thats a massive saving on the same size for Dairy Milk. As well as that I also always have a look to see what cheeky deals are on as there is usually a few pounds to be saved there!

Keep a coin jar
Or in Andrews case, a coin mug haha. He used to fill it up with literally coppers and 5ps and he told me what when he had enough he would use it for takeaways.
Obvs, these are designed esepcially for students so its best to have one for your time at uni. The TSB one has an interest free overdraft which I suggest you try to keep out of but sometimes you might need to dip in to keep you going until your next loan comes though.
Loyalty Cards
I am the queen of loyalty cards and why not?! If you are happy to buy something why not let it count towards getting a free one in the future. Like anyone is going to turn down a free Nandos?! And on top of the usual loyalty cards, have a look around your uni town too see where you can get some student discount cards too!

*In Collaboration with TSB

BEAUTY: Barry M Midnight Gelly Collection

Monday 28 September 2015

I got another one of those confusing invites the other day. It was from the lovely lady at Barry M so as soon as I saw that come through, of course I was excited but the part that confused me was that it was happening at the London Bridge Experience. Like that the same as the London Dungeons right?!

I've done the dungeons before but going alone and at night did creep me out a bit but they are my favorite nail polish brand so there was no way I was missing this!

The new colours are part of the new Midnight Gellys Collection - four off black polishes so it did make actual sense having the launch there.  I am still finding it a bit hard to tell the difference between the four of them (it is much easier during the daytime), as you can see in the photo that I took, they do look really similar but then again, as you can see in the official Barry M photo, if you catch them in the right light, you can easily see the hints of different colours.
Above: Grape, Pistachio, Current, Cherry (I think)
It seems like all that moaning in my last post made me feel better and with a new collection of polishes to try, I couldn't wait to get home and paint my nails. I picked Grape (the blue one) and of course I topped it off with my Plumpy top coat. As usual with the Gelly collection, the polish is easy to maneuver and perfect after two coats. 

Don't get me wrong, I am a light and bright nail polish lover but after a summer of wearing whites and mint greens, it was a nice change to go for a dark one.

Which Is Your Favourite? 

BEAUTY: LUSH, Frozen Bath Bomb

Friday 25 September 2015

 Do you want to have a bath bomb? Do you want to splash and play?

After really loving the Intergalactica bathbomb, I was super excited to use Frozen. Another Oxford Street exclusive which is great for me because I walk past the store on my way to work but luckily for everyone else, they are now stocked online for £3.95. If you do get a chance though, I would say make an effort to see the new store - its such a great Lush experience. One thing I love about is the sinks upstairs where why just throw in a bathbomb to demonstrate so you can have a little look before you decide which one to buy!

I love a bathbomb and it seems like the new Oxford Street exclusives are the best Lush have ever done - well in my opinion anyway! The two different shades of blue that come out of this one are super pretty along with a super fine silver glitter to go with the Elsas colour scheme.

I'm hoping I got the full experience from this as it actually went in the bath after Andrew had accidentally soaked it in apple juice first. It seemed to fizz away as usual and I loved watching all the colours mix together in the bath. 

This one was sent over by the PR team but I will definitely be repurchasing!

LIFESTYLE: Festival Injuries

Wednesday 23 September 2015

Pryers have produced a Festival Safety infographic, which has been picked up by online Mag Six out of Ten. Laura has some very interesting thoughts on the whole Festival thing and so I thought I'd pass my opinion too - I'm sure if you follow me you will already know a little bit about how I feel about festivals.
I love music, thats for sure but I am a little bit crazy. When I was 15, my dad us booked tickets for YMAS at The Roundhouse. They were my favourite band at the time and one I still love today but I remember, the night before going to my first gig, I was laying in bed thinking, I might die tomorrow, how am I going to be able to keep up with all these big men in a mosh pit.
Anyway, I didnt. and apart from a full can of beer hitting me on the head and pouring all down me, I actually had a really good time and I have been back to The Roundhouse many times since - to see YMAS again, and loads more like All Time Low, The Blackout, AVA ect.
So gigs I can do! But as I got older, festivals became a thing and instead of one nights possibility of something strange happening, there would be 3 whole days so I have never been to a proper festival. It's really just not my thing and I feel like I wouldnt be able to keep up with partying all day and sleeping in a cold wet tent with the possibility of someone falling on top of it or setting it on fire during the night. I need a good sleep, and I need nice, healthy food to keep me going all day so I'm thinking if I cant hack it now, there is no way I'm going to be able to do it when I get older.

FASHION: Off The Shoulder & Life Lately

Monday 21 September 2015

ta'dahh - a new outfit post for you guys today! Honestly though, I'm kinda struggling with blogging at the moment. I'm in a weird place with my life and my creativity and blogging, has taken a masive hit - I am finding it really hard to come up with things to post on here and even finding things to tweet or instagram. I spent Friday afternoon shopping alone on Oxford Street which was really nice and gave me some time just to do what I want (and spend lots of money to make myself feel better) but I seriously went the whole weekend having not thought about my blog and or anything. I havent even painted my nails for three weeks and I know that is just a silly thing but for me it's something I usually take pride in.  I'm kinda just drifitng at the moment but I really dont want to let me blog slip I'm trying!

I found these photos in a draft that I never got around to posting so today seems like a good time! I'm really glad I ended up buying this top earlier this year - it's not something I would usually pick but it seems to go with everything. I've already paired it up with shorts on holiday and wearing it at home with jeans was one of my all time favourite simple looks!

These heels were a little taller than I'm used to wearing lately, but once they are tied up securely, they arent too bad and I love the tassles. They are also, I think, my first pair of tan heels so thats cool too!

Top - New Look
Skirt - H&M
Heels* - Public Desire

LIFESTYLE: Greggs #Pastiche Catwalk

Wednesday 16 September 2015

Last week, what I thought was a LFW invite dropped through my postbox. It was a grey card with AW15 written on silver on the front and something about a catwalk show on the back. But when I looked at who to RSVP to, I was a little bit confused to see it actually said Greggs. Is that a new designer this year? Surely it can't mean the bakery!? Well after a little bit of research I realised that yes - it did mean the bakery and I was very confused.

Last week the day finally came and it was time for the Greggs fashion show. I went along with a friend from work and we still had no idea but as we were greeted with a class of champagne and walked into the aa big white room, we spotted a catwalk - apparently this was really happening haha.
After sampling everything on the menu, and here was alot - from salted caramel doughnuts, to mini christmas pasties and spicy soups, it was time to take our seats in the frow ready for the show. The music started and out came a model before I noticed he was actually carrying a pastie hahaha and the next one came out. She was carrying a slice of pizza and that was that.
Until the finale - and here she is... in all of her Greggs glory...
 We both got vouchers in our goodie bag so for lunch next day, of course we hunted down our nearest branch! 

P.S Today is mine and Andrews 6 year anniversary so here's an old photo of us 

FASHION: Suede Shorts On The Allure Of The Seas

Monday 14 September 2015

This outfit is one of my typical holiday outfits. I have been wearing this exact same outfit on holidays for the past 5 or 6 years since I spotted these amazing shorts, in Primark would you believe?! I just love that they are an interesting pair of shorts and I colour that I don't usually wear so they make it into my suitcase every year!

If you look closely, you might even spot me wearing it in one of my very first posts back in 2012 - see, I'm not joking haha and wearing them this year was particularly exciting because suede is actually in!

I had Scoliosis when I was 14 (strangely, we noticed it while we were on holiday on a different ship) and I had it operated on and although I notice it everyday, for some reason, this is the outfit is the one that shows off my odd hips the most - they just look really different on both side and I seem to notice it most in this outfit. Everyone just tells me that I am imagining it but I'm pretty sure I'm right haha I'ts not really and issue but I thought I'd share! Can you see it?

FASHION: Central Park On The Allure Of The Seas, Wearing Luxemee

Friday 11 September 2015

This two piece is pretty popular at the moment and after putting it on for myself, I can see why. Apart from the super cool pattern, it's made of a lovely material which was floaty and kept me really cool out in the sun but still looked smart. The shorts also fitted me perfectly around the waist with a zip up the back which is a first! A fitted pair of shorts that actually fit?!

I really loved being in "Central Park" on the ship where these photos were taken. I would find any excuse to spend the afternoon up there. Lunch was usually a good call because it was the only place on the ship where I could eat healthily and not be tempted to pile up my salad with a side of chinese noodles, beef in some kind of sauce and mash - if you have been on a cruise I'm pretty sure you know what I am talking about haha.

Here, I wore it with flip flops for a daytime look but on the last night, I wore the top with a stretchy bodycon skirt - note 'stretchy' we were going to a Brazilian steakhouse on the ship so I didn't think fitted shorts would have been a great idea. Anyway, point is that its super easy to wear the pieces together but its equally as easy to separate them an wear them in totally different outfits! I do love a co-ord!

FASHION: Shoe Trends

Thursday 10 September 2015

I love shoes - most girls do. There are new shoe trends coming every week and most of them fade out within a month so I am really picky with what ones I go out and buy and will only do it if its a trend that I really like and will be happy to wear even when they are not in anymore.

Lace up shoes are huge at the moment and that is a trend that I have bought a few pairs of. I got my lace up flats from New Look and even if I never wear them again from today, they have already been worth buying! They seem to be perfect for every occasion - I've worn them to work, clubbing in benidorm, dinner with Andrew and even the wedding. I love the look and the gold detailing on them and I love how the trend doesn't get in the way of them actually being a comfortable and practical shoe. They are my favourite ever pair of flats.

 What Are Your Favourite Pair?
Infographic by Shoetique

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FASHION: Hotdogs On The Allure Of The Seas

Wednesday 9 September 2015

As I said in my five things post last week, we spent alot of time eating while we were on the cruise. Andrews favourite pre-dinner snack was a hot dog from the hot dog stand so we spent alot of time our time out on the boardwalk. It was just on the floor below our room so it was super easy to pop down and although I could never handle a hotdog before a (usually) four course meal, I did have a couple through the holiday! There was loads of choice with seven different sausages to choose from - I usually went for a coney island dog with onions mmm.

Here I am wearing my pretty new playsuit from Lilylulu. I loved how floaty it is, making it perfect for holidays and the cute cut out shoulders were something different too which was nice.

It was a little bit see through but I just fixed that with white underwear. Another issue here is that my legs are a little bit more hairy that I would like oops. I just forget about shaving my legs - super bad I know and its super strange because I spend most of my time at work writing articles with titles like "How to keep your legs smooth all summer". I think laser hair removal is the way forward for me - then I wont ever have to think about shaving ever again!!

Playsuit* - Lilylulu
Sandals* - Next (old)

LIFESTYLE: Vietnamese Cooking At The School of Wok

Monday 7 September 2015

I get the worst holiday blues so having got back from our cruise to be greeted with crazy rain and storms did not help - I just wanted to go to bed and stay there but no, I had to get up for work the next morning!

After a long start to the week, Wednesday night made it a little bit better thanks to a super fun evening with The School Of Wok. It's based in Covent Garden so I walked there after work, luckily that was during one of our little breaks from the downpour. 

I have done quite a few cookery class style events since I started blogging but this one was different from any cooking classes I've had before because it wasn't just a bloggers thing, it was a real life cooking class with that people had paid to come and learn. So I walked in, hung up my bag and put on my apron next to 11 people I had never met before.
Ovbiously, I went alone and so did three of the others - there were two couples and a group of 4 women too so its great for anyone. The four of us on our own started off a little shy but by the end of the night we were chatting and away!

The fact it wasn't just bloggers meant that it wasn't normal for me to be taking photos all night and tweeting every little thing that happened so I put my phone away and forgot about it completely. It was so refreshing to concentrate solely on having a good time. Of course I took a few photos but I was more than happy chatting to my new friends and getting stuck on with the cooking.
We made Vietnamese spring rolls, beef skewers and chicken Pho. After an hour of prepping, we went over to the hob to cook everything and when we returned the table had be transformed with flowers, candles and cutlery ready for us to eat. 

It was loads of fun and split into groups mean we all got to do everything! I'd love to give the spring rolls another try at home! They were my favourite part of the meal!

Big thanks to Virgin Experience Days and their Paint the town happy campaign for sending me along to one of their Cookery Courses at the School Of Wok!

Have You Tried Cooking Vietnamese?

LIFESTYLE: 5 Things in August

Friday 4 September 2015

My last Five Things post went down pretty well so I've decided to make it a regular thing! This month, lots of exciting things happened so I had a super hard time cutting it down to just five - beware, there are lots of photos in this one!

On Saturday, we had our last BBQ of the summer and it was a great one to end on! Our friend, Terry (the one who got married last month, remember?) loves a BBQ and went down to one of Londons big meat markets to pick up supplies! He has also just built a bar in his shed so as soon as the rain (What would a BBQ be without a little bit of rain?!) started, we spent the rest of the afternoon in there! I took up bar maid duties while we played darts and beer pong all night!

Carolines Hen Party!
Andrews sister is getting married in a couple of weeks and earlier this month she had her hen party! We went out for dinner and drinks at a Moroccan restaurant in Knightsbridge. It was my first ever hen party and I was a little bit worried about not knowing anyone else but that all dissapeared as soon as I met everyone - they are all really friendly and we had a great night! Now its time to start getting excited for the wedding!

August finally arrived and so did our big family holiday - Andrew came along too! We flew to Barcelona and boarded The Allure Of The Seas! It is the biggest ship in the world and had so much to do on board. We had heard loads about it and done loads of research so we were super excited to see it all finally. My favourite place was Central Park - literally a park running through the middle of the ship! They also had a high street with all sorts of restaurants and shops, a hot dog stand, a carousel and so much more! Cruising for us is all about the food and it didn't disappoint - every meal was delicious!! 

I hope you all dont mind the personal photos here - I guess that is the whole point of this sort of post!and soz about the blur, obvs my phone photos dont like being stretched.

I like to make my birthday last as long as I can and I managed to drag it out until the end of the month! This weekend, Andrew took me off to a hotel for the last installment of my birthday! We spent the afternoon having an exfoliating scrub in the spa, followed by some jacuzzi time before dinner at Benihana! We then spend the evening in the room watching X Factor and Rush Hour! He also got a big red rose delivered to the room for me! Perfect way to finish Birthday Month! Obvs I didnt take many photos as I was too busy relaxing!
As for the rest of my birthday, I was on holiday for the actual day but on the Friday before one of the girls at work cooked me this amazing cake and they all sang happy birthday haha. and that evening, Andrew took me to Big Easy for dinner too and got a little candle in my dessert! Cute. 
As for the actual day, Andrew and my parents packed all my cards and a few little gifts so I could open something while I was on holiday! We were on the cruise and stopped off in France for the morning so we had a little wander before getting back on board to eat some more! There was a Kate Spade shop on board and that evening, Andrew bought me the cutest little black leather bag as an extra birthday present! When we got to the till, I spotted this super cute little key ring which I couldn't get out of my head so on the last night, I popped back in and bought it for myself!  

A Viewing At The Shard

Avios is a rewards point scheme where you collect points on everyday spends such as groceries and holidays then you can spend them on more holidays or experiences!
They have recently launched their DoMoreWithAvios campaign in which you can send an invite to your favourite person to help you spend your points and so of course when the lovely guys at Avios recently got me a couple of tickets for a viewing of the Shard, I took my favourite person

Andrew and I had been meaning to do it for ages so it was a great opportunity for us to finally go! We both really enjoyed it and the views were incredible - Luckily we had some sunshine too!
How Was Your August?

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