LIFESTYLE: 5 Things in August

My last Five Things post went down pretty well so I've decided to make it a regular thing! This month, lots of exciting things happened so I had a super hard time cutting it down to just five - beware, there are lots of photos in this one!

On Saturday, we had our last BBQ of the summer and it was a great one to end on! Our friend, Terry (the one who got married last month, remember?) loves a BBQ and went down to one of Londons big meat markets to pick up supplies! He has also just built a bar in his shed so as soon as the rain (What would a BBQ be without a little bit of rain?!) started, we spent the rest of the afternoon in there! I took up bar maid duties while we played darts and beer pong all night!

Carolines Hen Party!
Andrews sister is getting married in a couple of weeks and earlier this month she had her hen party! We went out for dinner and drinks at a Moroccan restaurant in Knightsbridge. It was my first ever hen party and I was a little bit worried about not knowing anyone else but that all dissapeared as soon as I met everyone - they are all really friendly and we had a great night! Now its time to start getting excited for the wedding!

August finally arrived and so did our big family holiday - Andrew came along too! We flew to Barcelona and boarded The Allure Of The Seas! It is the biggest ship in the world and had so much to do on board. We had heard loads about it and done loads of research so we were super excited to see it all finally. My favourite place was Central Park - literally a park running through the middle of the ship! They also had a high street with all sorts of restaurants and shops, a hot dog stand, a carousel and so much more! Cruising for us is all about the food and it didn't disappoint - every meal was delicious!! 

I hope you all dont mind the personal photos here - I guess that is the whole point of this sort of post!and soz about the blur, obvs my phone photos dont like being stretched.

I like to make my birthday last as long as I can and I managed to drag it out until the end of the month! This weekend, Andrew took me off to a hotel for the last installment of my birthday! We spent the afternoon having an exfoliating scrub in the spa, followed by some jacuzzi time before dinner at Benihana! We then spend the evening in the room watching X Factor and Rush Hour! He also got a big red rose delivered to the room for me! Perfect way to finish Birthday Month! Obvs I didnt take many photos as I was too busy relaxing!
As for the rest of my birthday, I was on holiday for the actual day but on the Friday before one of the girls at work cooked me this amazing cake and they all sang happy birthday haha. and that evening, Andrew took me to Big Easy for dinner too and got a little candle in my dessert! Cute. 
As for the actual day, Andrew and my parents packed all my cards and a few little gifts so I could open something while I was on holiday! We were on the cruise and stopped off in France for the morning so we had a little wander before getting back on board to eat some more! There was a Kate Spade shop on board and that evening, Andrew bought me the cutest little black leather bag as an extra birthday present! When we got to the till, I spotted this super cute little key ring which I couldn't get out of my head so on the last night, I popped back in and bought it for myself!  

A Viewing At The Shard

Avios is a rewards point scheme where you collect points on everyday spends such as groceries and holidays then you can spend them on more holidays or experiences!
They have recently launched their DoMoreWithAvios campaign in which you can send an invite to your favourite person to help you spend your points and so of course when the lovely guys at Avios recently got me a couple of tickets for a viewing of the Shard, I took my favourite person

Andrew and I had been meaning to do it for ages so it was a great opportunity for us to finally go! We both really enjoyed it and the views were incredible - Luckily we had some sunshine too!
How Was Your August?

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  1. You had such a busy month, looks like so much fun! That key ring is adorable :-)


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