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ta'dahh - a new outfit post for you guys today! Honestly though, I'm kinda struggling with blogging at the moment. I'm in a weird place with my life and my creativity and blogging, has taken a masive hit - I am finding it really hard to come up with things to post on here and even finding things to tweet or instagram. I spent Friday afternoon shopping alone on Oxford Street which was really nice and gave me some time just to do what I want (and spend lots of money to make myself feel better) but I seriously went the whole weekend having not thought about my blog and or anything. I havent even painted my nails for three weeks and I know that is just a silly thing but for me it's something I usually take pride in.  I'm kinda just drifitng at the moment but I really dont want to let me blog slip I'm trying!

I found these photos in a draft that I never got around to posting so today seems like a good time! I'm really glad I ended up buying this top earlier this year - it's not something I would usually pick but it seems to go with everything. I've already paired it up with shorts on holiday and wearing it at home with jeans was one of my all time favourite simple looks!

These heels were a little taller than I'm used to wearing lately, but once they are tied up securely, they arent too bad and I love the tassles. They are also, I think, my first pair of tan heels so thats cool too!

Top - New Look
Skirt - H&M
Heels* - Public Desire


  1. absolutely fab outfit,i love it! Your top is gorgeous and i would have bought one in new look if i had seen one! You look amazing xx


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