Birthday Week

Wednesday 7 September 2022

My birthday celebrations lasted almost the whole month this year and I had the best time ever. 

Birthday week, however, was absolutely jam packed. In between family, work and other bits and pieces I had three big days out with the girls.

The first came on the weekend before the big day. We started at Neverland, which is nicknamed 'Fulham Beach' making it the perfect location for a 33° day in London. 

There was lots of prosecco and sparklers -  the girls even bought me a cake which was very cute. My little unicorn just about survived the heat and made it out to the table with his horn still in tact. 

After a few hours on the north side of the river, we crossed Wandsworth bridge to SW London's favourite pub - The Ship - for tequila and sunsets. 

 I always leave early and go looking for food so the night ended for me at Mcdonalds whilst the rest of them continued to some other bars in Balham.
Our next big outing was my actual birthday - the 18th and also the day that the new Simmons in Clapham launched. And if you know anything about the Simmons takeover currently happening in London, then you know that their launch nights involve two hours of free alcohol. 

Since a couple of us finish work pretty early, we headed straight there and ended up being right at the start of the queue. After making friends and eating doughnuts, we were the first in an stayed to watch it fill out. After that, we hopped around Clapham between Venn Street Records, just across the road and then some free birthday cocktails at the London cocktail club. We finished up back in Simmons because the music was just too good!  

and in case you were wondering, this time it was KFC. A birthday treat if you will.
Birthday week ended at Gunnersbury Park a few days later. Electric City was my first festival and I had an awesome time. EDM, wine and glitter in the sun with my friends? sign me up! Not a bad way to spend my first Sunday as a 29 year old. 

Did I leave early? Absolutely - with a plate of special fried rice no less!

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