FASHION: Pleather Shift Dress From Missguided

Tuesday 31 December 2013

I picked up this dress earlier in the year as part of my winter warmers challenge with net voucher codes.  At the time, shift dresses weren't so popular and I wasn't sure if I'd like it, I don't normally wear things so loose but when it arrived, I fell in love with it! They shape and the marital. It was so easy to slip on and that was my outfit finished.

I took these photos ages ago but I did also wear this dress to the Access all ASOS christmas party. I was invited last minute and literally had 45 minutes to get ready and get across to the other side of London. I know a normal person in that situation wouldn't worry about being on time, just turn up when they could but I'm super crazy, I hate being late and I wanted to get there as fast as I could. I threw this dress on with a pair of flats and left, that was it, threw my eye liner and a mirror in my bag and jumped on the train, I turned up, 15 minutes late, which wasnt bad considering - totally 100% happy with how I looked! It was great!

Shoes* - SpyLoveBuy

CHRISTMAS: Presents From Andrew & His Family

Monday 30 December 2013

As well as having a lovely Christmas at home this year, In the evening, I stayed at Andrews house. We opened our presents that night and in the morning, it was like Christmas all over again except at his house. This was the first year I'd spend at Andrews as he normally comes to mine, it was great to see his traditions as well. They do "Tree Presents" Which is basically opening all the other small presents on boxing day! yey. I love opening presents!

I'll start with all the things that Andrew got me. I want to do a 'What I Got Andrew' Haul when I get a chance to photograph what I got for him as well! As I said in this post there really wasn't anything in particular that I wanted, not even a MK bag/watch, he did ask but shock horror I must have been the only blogger in the world who didn't want one! 

Andrew & I are also strange when it comes to presents, we don't really do big surprises, I'd be much happier knowing I bought him something he wanted and he has no idea so we just go and buy them together. The first bits I picked were from Primark - a plain black fluffy jumper because I live in my other one and the warmest snuggeliest hoodie I have ever worn - I've been wearing it every day since.
 I picked some more clothes from Missguided. I love their skater skirts and already have a denim and metallic blue one. When I spotted this holographic one a few months ago, I fell in love. I've also been wanting a PVC skirt for a while now too. We waited for a 20% off day and got them both for £35.
I've heard so much about Snow Fairy that when we were out for dinner at Westfield, we had to have a cheeky look in lush before going home. I wanted to smell it to see what all the fuss was about and I agree. Its amazing, it smells so sweet and sugary. I picked the small one just to see what I thought but Andrew ended up buying me two more and some other bits in the boxing day sale too! I'm hooked.
These last two were actually all Andrews choosing and he did well! I love the colours on the t-shirt and they are a little bit sparkley too! He knows I love glitter & how can you go wrong with a River Island voucher?!
And lastly, he got me the super cutest card ever. Im counting this as a present because I know how expensive this was. I did send him to my favourite card shop to pick me a card after all haha and he picked well, its super cute!
Andrew's sister and her boyfriend got me a Hollister voucher (Which always comes in useful, I get all my tracksuit bottoms there) and some chocolates from Hotel Chocolate, These Tiddly animals seem to have become a bit of a tradition with Andrew family, They are different every year!
 From Andrews Gran, A lovely big box of Thorntons Chocolates! Yum
And from his parents! I was shocked at how much they got me, it was a lovely suprise. They were the only presents that I didn't pick myself and I love everything they picked! 
 And last but not least, they got the chocolate fondue set for me and Andrew to share, he's definitely not a big chocolate fan so I'm very looking forward to sharing it with him hahah.
And thats everything! I was so lucky this year and got so many lovly presents from everyone!

 If you want to see what me family bought me, check it out here.

BEAUTY: Glitter Nails

Sunday 29 December 2013

Sparkly Nails are totally acceptable at this time of year!

To be honest, I wear glitter on my nails all though the year but it just seems more exciting thought the Christmas period.

It's also when all the brands bring out the amazing new ranges and in the recent years we have seen them become more and more experiential, it isn't just a normal glitter polish any more, we now have all sorts of different shapes and sizes of the glitter, different styles of application and different colour combinations.

Here are a few pretty ones I have come across:

Glitter polishes are an easy way to get a good glitter effect without all the mess, you just paint it straight from the bottle onto your nail and wait for it to dry! I like a really thick glitter effect normally so I'll just keep layering up until I'm happy.

Sorry the photos are absolutely terrible. I am in the process or ordering some colour sticks!

W7* - Cosmic Blue
OPI - Fresh Frog Of Bel Air
Barry M* - Pink Textured
Barry M*- Green Confetti 
Barry M - Blue Glitter
Models own - Sardonyx
2True - Shade 4
I also got sent a pot of real glitter from W7. Obviously they are a little bit messy to apply but the finish is super sparkely and totally worth it, you jut paint your nail your chosen colour and then pour the glitter onto the wet polish, ta-dah.
What Have You Got On Your Nails?

CHRISTMAS: Presents From My Family

Saturday 28 December 2013

Hey Guys!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas time with you friends and family! I did for sure, sorry I haven't posted anything for a few days but it was the first time ever, I think, that I didn't feel like I needed to, I just wanted to stay with my family and soak up Christmas as it goes so quickly and I didn't want to miss any of it!

I've really been enjoying everyones Christmas gift hauls, especially on YouTube, so I thought I'd try to get a blog post style one up for you. I think is ridiculous that it's gotten to the point where I have to point out that I am not doing this to brag, but obviously, I'm not, I just wanted to share with you all what I got!

I'm going to start of with what I got from my family, I might do a seperate haul to show you what Andrew and his family got for me, so this one isn't too long.
I was so lucky this year considering I didn't want anything at all. My main present from my parents and grandparents was money. As I said before, I didn't want anything in particular so they decided that the best thing for it was to give me money which I can save it until I want something special! My mum put it in a little gift box and wrapped it up for under the tree, so I still had something to open!
Next up were all my little stocking filler bits, I actually picked out a lot of them myself. I went shopping with my mum one day and she wanted to make sure I got things that I wanted so just let me picked whatever I liked!

Lets start with the clothes. I chose 3 crop tops, surprise surprise. Two velvet ones from Primark and a teddy bear texture jumper from H&M. I've wanted the velvet ones for ages but have never seen them anywhere so when I spotted them, I knew they would be perfect for Christmas.
I also got some little make up bits from Primark and Barry M. I picked some pretty polishes and the make up bag whilst the eye liner was a little surprise that my Dad chose.

This was something that I felt like I might need, but I wasn't sure so I went for the cheapest choice possible. My laptop died this year will all of my music. That wasn't such a problem but I am worried to add any new songs on, so instead of risking all my old music, I thought I'd just get a cheap MP3 to put some new songs on!

and lastly, if you know anything about me, you will know that we eat a lot of chocolate. So this was obviously going to go down well!
And those were all the lovely presents from my parents! I love them all!

I've decided that I will do a seperate haul from what Andrew got me, so watch out for that on a day or two!

Have you done a christmas haul? Link it below! I'd love to see!

CHRISTMAS: The Week Before Christmas

Tuesday 24 December 2013

 Sunday 22nd December
Yesterday was lovely! I stayed at Andrews and we had a super lie in, we didn't get up until 12, Andrew was tired from his first working week. When we did finally get up, we went to a cute little tea room near enough at the end of my road and had lunch before coming back to mine. Andrew had another cup of tea while my mum did my nails ready for Christmas. This photo doesn't show it well but the glitter is holographic, my favorite so its all colourful and them she painted little Christmas wrapping bows on one finger. super cute!
This is a photo of one of the nicest mince pies that I've ever had, it was only a Tescos one, nothing special but there was so much pastry and that's why I loved it, I don't mind the mince but the pastry is definitely the best part for me!

Monday 23rd December
Today is my mum's birthday so this morning we got up super early so she could open some cards and presents and we are all went out for a big family lunch at wildwood! They do my favorite dessert at the moment, Banoffee Sundae which is made of ice cream, toffee sauce, bananas and crushed biscuits! Yum

and it was also the night of the big annual meet up amongst all my friends at the pub! Last year I was working on the night they did it so I was excited for this year!
Tuesday 24th December
I had to get up super early this morning which wasnt easy after last night and Andrews cats keeping us up all night but I had a dentist appointment that had to be attended. It was an emergency one you know, my wisdom teeth appeared earlier this week and after a couple of horror stories from when my dad had his taken out (woke up to a completely red blood stained pillow) I thought I'd better get them checked out. and lucky me, it looks like I'm going in the same direction, they're impacted.

So Andrew cheered me up by ordering a huge Saturday night pizza deal for a pre Christmas lunch ahaha. 

What Have You Been Up To In The Run Up To Christmas?

CHRISTMAS: Chatty Feet

Monday 23 December 2013

Why is it that everyone thinks socks are such a naff gift?! I guess they aren't as a full on main present but as an extra or a stocking filler I think they are great.

Last week, I went to the #LDNxmasmeet, which was great by the way, I'm going to try to get a proper post together for that. But anyway, in the goody bag I got a pair of super cute socks from Chatty Feet. I thought they were really fun so I checked out the website and got talking to the the lovely PR people there who sent me a selection of them to show you guys here on my blog!

New socks are always welcome at my house becuase once you have worn your socks, they go into the dirty washing never to be seen again. I don't know where they go, they just dissapear. These are going to make great little extra presents for everyone! I love the bright colours and bold designs as well as each of them having their own name, and at £6 a pair they are the perfect price!
and if Molly is around when I'm taking photos, there sure to be one of her too.

TAG: The Christmas Tag

Saturday 21 December 2013

Hey Guys

Today I fancied doing my first tag and where better to start than with the christmas one?! I've never done a tag on my blog before because I never thought anyone would be interested in those kinds of things, I know most of the time I'm not haha I probably shouldn't have told you that but anyway, I love talking about christmas and now that Andrew is at work I have know one to get excited about chirstmas with/at haha.

Which do you prefer: a real Christmas tree or a synthetic one?
A synthetic one! It's all I've even known, not to mention that when I was younger I watched a programme about someone who bought a real Christmas tree and woke up with a snake in her bed that was hidden in the tree when she bought it. No thank you!!

You’re in a coffee shop, it’s December: what do you pick? 
 This is something completely new to my this year! It was the first time I'd had a christmassy hot drink ever! I started with a white hot chocolate but moved on to my own creation in Costa of a salted caramel hot chocolate. Not sure it's very christmassy but I did go into Costa with the intention of buying a christmas one, I just didnt like the look of any of them.

Which colour-scheme is your favourite for decorating the tree? 
This year I'm really into jewel tones for a tree. I love the pinks, purples and turquoises. 
Giving or receiving? 
Both! Although when it's with Andrew - receiving is definitely better than giving. Firstly because he always gets me the things that I want and secondly, he is terrible at receiving gifts. He just opens it and thats it, start talking about somthing else.

To mince pie or not? 
Of course! Just without the mince bit haha
What’s your traditional Christmas lunch?
A huge roast turkey obvs. All the trimmings plus like 6 desserts. Then all over again a couple hours later with turkey sandwiches, cheese and biscuits, trifle, chocolate, it just goes on and on!

Christmas Day Fashion 
Normally something like skinnies and a jumper or  tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie. As long as it's comfortable, I'm not fussed.

What’s your favourite Christmas film? 
Stardust! Not sure if it counts as a christmas film but it came out around Chirstmas and we all went as a family to see it in the cinema! I love the fantasy.

Open presents before or after lunch? 
That's an odd question?! Who on earth has the will power to wait until after lunch? My brothers normally get up us at about 6 to open them.

So there we have it, My Christmas Tag.

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