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The lovely people at Lola & Grace got in touch a few weeks ago and said they wanted so send me some jewellery just because. They didn't mention anything about blogging about it, but obviously I wanted to. I discovered Lola & Grace a while ago when their Stratford Westfield store opened. With the amount of time I used to spend there, I knew straight away if there was a new shop opening I had to investigate. I walked into a small shop filled with sparkling jewellery. A few pieces looked very familiar which is when I realised that Lola & Grace is actually like Swarvoaki's little sister! They use swarwoski crystals but in brighter colours aimed at the younger generation.

I picked out 4 pieces, one of them was out of stock so they sent me two of the pink ones instead which was really kind of them! I actually have a baby blue Swarvoski version on this pink bracelet which is the spitting image (that's when I noticed the two brands were strangely similar), but as I said, when I bought that one, the colours were a lot more muted and grown up, where as the Lola & Grace versions were all pretty bright colours! I love this bracelet as it is stretchy and dainty and the bright pink is very pretty - I'd love one of these in every colour! They are also super affordable at £14.90
I also loved  the encrusted bangle, anything sparkly and I'm sold. I love everything they sell. Also super dainty but very classy as well and silver goes with most things, I'm definitely silver over gold. Any day. I love in it the blue and green tones that it comes in as well! Another very affordable piece at £29.90.
 Lastly I picked this pretty blue necklace. If you look carefully in each and every of my outfit posts you might see something similar. In January this year, Andrew bought me a pretty blue necklace from Swarvoski which I never ever take off, that kind resulted in the colours getting a bit dull (from the shower I think) so this will make a lovely replacement! Watch out for it in future outfit posts! A steal at £24.90
Massive thank you to the lovely team at Lola & Grace for these lovely little presents! Look out for them in lots of future outfit posts!
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