FASHION: Argento Jewellery

 Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? I've found something rather special! I've never had a birthstone necklace before so when Argento offered to let me pick something from the site and I saw this beauty, I jumped at the chance. How pretty is Peridot, for August! I have actaully always thought Peridot was a horrible mucky green but it seems I was mistaken!

I love how it is personal to me being, born in august, obvs but it's not tacky and cringe personal. I also picked a jewellery box to put my new necklace in as since moving house, I keep finding random bits of jewellery in different boxes. We all love sparkly things so jewellery is normally a fail-safe option, be it from your boyfriend from you bestie! 

Sorry about the photo of Molly, but I thought it was cute! I found it in the folder with these photos so she must have been trying to get in on the action when I was taking them!

Thanks to Argento for my little Christmas treat!

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  1. Peridot is my birthstone too and I've never liked it but it actually looks completely different in these pictures - I like it! xx

  2. awee I love birth stone necklaces/jewelry + this is gorgeous! :)
    Great post! L xo


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