CHRISTMAS: Vinyl Clocks

I think it's about time I start with some gift ideas for Christmas on my blog. I know, I've just realised I'm a little bit behind but it's OK, I'm posting twice a day most days now so hopefully I'll catch up soon!

This clock is a great present idea, I like that, as well as being personalised it is actually useful! Those are my favourite kind of gifts! Vinyl Clocks* allow you to choose a song/album of your choice and then they turn it into a clock. It's perfect for a music crazy friend, I can imagine a lot of people buying there for their dads!

This cheeky sample that was sent to me to show you guys is made from a "The Smiths" disk (Am I the only one who hasn't heard of them?) but there is a section on the website where you can request whatever you like! annddd if you already have a particular disk, its quite likely that they could turn that into a clock for you!

What Do You Think?


  1. The of the first things Ben and I did together as a couple was raid charity shops and make loads of these from our discoveries. Best = Bob Marley. Worse was Wham!

  2. I have a Blondie - Sunday Girl one and got my bf one The Smiths - What Difference Does it Make for his bday! Such good presents! xx

  3. Such a good Christmas idea for my boyfriend! x


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