LIFESTYLE: Christmas Market & Christmas Nails Part 2

We heard that there was is a little christmas market near our new house so, my parents and I took Molly for a walk along the high street to have a look! It's still crazy how close everything is now, the high street is literally a 5 minute walk away and has most of the stuff we need! The market was only little but we still bought 2 loads of yummy rustic bread - walnut and cheese and tomato, some proper cheese and some lumpy paté which my dad wanted haha Molly made loads of friends, especially with a little pug and french bulldog who were out together with their family and apparently only live down the road! It was so cute, all the dogs were wearing Christmas jumpers and scarfs, totally should have put Molly in hers for the occasion!

We had a quick stop as Costa, and since I can't handle the effects of coffee I made up a new drink on the spot - a salted caramel hot chocolate which was actually very nice. We them walked home via the post office to pick up a parcel!

We ate what we had bought before my mum offered to do my nails. Yey! She knew I wasn't too happy with the last set, as they were not up to my usual standard haha I sound so fussy but you know, working in a nail bar and having a mum as a technician makes you like that! They were filled into a really strange shape, I wasn't happy with the straight lines and the polish had started chipping so she did me a new set, in gel polish, so they should last a couple of weeks!

Thanks Mum


  1. your nails are adorable, i'd love it if my mum could do this! x

  2. love the christmassy feel of your nails! x


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