GUEST POST: Becka From Beckas Beauty Blog

Hi Guys, It's Becka from over at! The wonderful Georgina has very kindly let me guest post for her blog and although I've done a mini review of this product as part of #TheAntiAgeing Project with Lianne from I really wanted to do a bit more in depth one for all of you guys!

The product that I am talking about is the Elemis Pro-Intense Lift Effect Night Cream* which is available to buy for the farily hefty price tag of £95.00 on! I've had quite a few people ask me for my opinion on this product as it's a big old investment for a night cream but honestly, I do think that it's worth it! It feels luxurious and my skin always looks amazing when I get into a real routine of using it. I'm only 21 so I don't think that I need to focus too much on anti-ageing however it's better to start too early than too late! Once I had managed to get myself in to using this every night, my other half Lee commented on how much more toned my jawline looked. I always suffer from having a round face and it seems to be the first place that I put weight on, so for Lee to point out that that area of my face looked improved is really saying something!

You also get a fairly big pot, 50ml to be exact, so it's not huge but it's the biggest pot of night cream that I've ever bought/received and, as you would expect from the price tag, you only need a tiny bit! It has your fairly typical and fresh Elemis scent to it which I've always found to be pleasant, not extraordinary but definately pleasant. I also love that it comes in a very smart looking silver box and the actual pot itself is made from glass. Why is it that a glass pot makes a product instantly more appealing?

As it's Elemis, it's also free from sulphates and artificial colours so you can feel better than you're putting pure goodness onto your skin! There's not a lot else to say about this product, I know that it's a lot of money but once I've finally finished this pot (which will take me until about 2015) I will definately be saving up to buy another!

I look forward to hopefully seeing some of you over on my blog, and "Thank-You" once again to Georgina for letting me post on her lovely blog!

Love, Becka xo


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