LIFESTYLE: Pets At Home Goodies For Molly

Molly's just like a 4th kid haha last Christmas was her first and she definitely got the most presents. She gets all excited like we do. Me and my brothers sit in a circle and open our presents in turn. Last year we all took turns and unwrapping Molly's presents too. She loved it. So, I knew she was going to be very excited with this little gift package from Pets At Home*.

The postman arrived whist me and dad were watching Misfits so I took the boxes and put the on the armchair to open later. Molly spend the rest of the programme sniffing around the box. She knew haha when I got around to opening it she was sat there watching me. It had some lovely goodies in it - the first thing I saw was her doggy jumper so sooo cute, I got my dad to put that on her before we continued, I couldn't resist and she obviously didn't mind because she just carried on like normal poking her nose into the box to see what else we had. I saved the doggy treats so I can give them to her on Christmas day but before I had a chance to stop her she had already run off with the squeaky penguin which she hasn't put it down since. She seriously she loves it. I've actually taken to writing the post now just before the X factor results because she brought it in and started playing with it so I gave up trying to hear the TV. Hopefully she stops for the results show haha

Huge thanks to Pet at Home from Me and Molly!

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  1. She looks adorable in her jumper.
    Oh so squish!
    I cant wait to have a pet of my own so I can give it a snug jumper for christmas ha.



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