LIFESTYLE: Weekend Spa Breaks

As you guys may know, I spent last weekend in Brighton being a "Stagette" (Full post on that to come) doing all sorts of manly stuff like go karting, going for a curry and strip clubs. It was super fun for a weekend away and I'm glad I did it but there is no chance that, that is what I want to be doing the night before I get married. I want to be relaxing with my friends in a spa gown, having a massage and drinking champagne. Of course I'd also love a big night out, just not the night before the big day hahaha.

And it sounds like its not just me with that craazy idea! In a survey of 250 women, over half of them -131 - said their idea of a perfect hen night is a relaxing one E.g. a weekend spa break and I agree, that sounds perfect. I bet a break with the girls would be super fun! At the moment I have only done it with Andrew, and that's always great - We have found a perfect little spa hotel tucked away on the other side of London in a quite residential street, its one of those hotels that people who work in the city stay at so it's always quite and so relaxing! The price works for us, the food they serve is amazing, the spa is always empty and its' the perfect way to spend a weekend alone together, not to mention that Westfield is literally 2 roads away. We went down there last January so I'm hoping we can make it a thing and talk him into taking me there again next year :)
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  1. cute couple! I agree... I love big nights out but not before the big day. A spa day sounds perfect x


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