BEAUTY: Glitter Nails

Sparkly Nails are totally acceptable at this time of year!

To be honest, I wear glitter on my nails all though the year but it just seems more exciting thought the Christmas period.

It's also when all the brands bring out the amazing new ranges and in the recent years we have seen them become more and more experiential, it isn't just a normal glitter polish any more, we now have all sorts of different shapes and sizes of the glitter, different styles of application and different colour combinations.

Here are a few pretty ones I have come across:

Glitter polishes are an easy way to get a good glitter effect without all the mess, you just paint it straight from the bottle onto your nail and wait for it to dry! I like a really thick glitter effect normally so I'll just keep layering up until I'm happy.

Sorry the photos are absolutely terrible. I am in the process or ordering some colour sticks!

W7* - Cosmic Blue
OPI - Fresh Frog Of Bel Air
Barry M* - Pink Textured
Barry M*- Green Confetti 
Barry M - Blue Glitter
Models own - Sardonyx
2True - Shade 4
I also got sent a pot of real glitter from W7. Obviously they are a little bit messy to apply but the finish is super sparkely and totally worth it, you jut paint your nail your chosen colour and then pour the glitter onto the wet polish, ta-dah.
What Have You Got On Your Nails?


  1. My nails are naked in preparation for work tomorrow but I've been wearing glitter as much as possible! x

  2. I spent christmas wearing the red sparkly nail polish from barry m, it's gorgeous but terrible to remove!
    rach x.

  3. Ah I'm loving glittery nails at the moment! My friend got an amazing SensatioNail gel one and it looks unreal! Thanks for sending your link across tonight :)

    Hannah xx

  4. Sparkly nail polishes are super cool, I only have two at the moment but i'm hoping to expand! xx

  5. Some of these polishes are so gorgeous- I'll definitely have to invest in the blue glitter and cosmic blue shades. I've never seen such highly glittery polishes, they're amazing! x

  6. I sometimes just paint my nails clear/a metallic colour similar to the glitter I want to use, then dip my semi-dry nails into the pot of glitter. No mess no fuss! Although yesterday I bought Australis nail glitter in Rio Riot which I'm keen to try!

  7. I have Liz Earle Strenthinging nail varnish on in Red and Gold as an accent nail! I love that OP! Fresh Frog of Bel Air - reaaly loving green at the moment!

    Thank you for sharing your link with me last night. I'm now following you on GFC :)

    If you wanhna check out muy blog it is LillaLoves.

    Lilla x

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