LIFESTYLE: Flowers From Andrew And His Big News

I just wanted to show you guys the pretty flowers that Andrew brought around for me yesterday when he came to pick me up! When I asked him what they were for, he didn't have a reason, He's the best boyfriend ever! He then got hungry and decided he wanted to take me to our favorite place for lunch too, what a cutie! I only had a tomato soup as I had plans to go out to eat later!

Later in the day, I popped down to Romford Missoula for yet more food at the #EsseXmasMeet (Full post of that to come) to then have him pick me up, and take me back to his for Chinese! I ate far too much yesterday! But I just couldn't turn down chinese! His local one is the best and it was kinda a celebratory Chinese though so you know so I felt obligated to eat more.. obviously haha. If you follow my twitter you will know what we had to celebrate! Andrew got himself a job in the city on Friday so we all got together for a nice meal and a glass of wine, which was a new thing for me, I more a food over alcohol kinda gal haha I'm very proud of him though! His first day is tomorrow so finger crossed he enjoys it too!


  1. you two are so cute! Ben buys me flowers for no reason too, although he shouldn't as he's not working at the moment...makes it sweeter somehow! x

  2. beautiful flowers :) I'm a little jelous of you having a BF to buy you flowers hahah.. xxx

  3. Congrats to Andrew on his new job. :-)


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