CHRISTMAS: The Week Before Christmas

 Sunday 22nd December
Yesterday was lovely! I stayed at Andrews and we had a super lie in, we didn't get up until 12, Andrew was tired from his first working week. When we did finally get up, we went to a cute little tea room near enough at the end of my road and had lunch before coming back to mine. Andrew had another cup of tea while my mum did my nails ready for Christmas. This photo doesn't show it well but the glitter is holographic, my favorite so its all colourful and them she painted little Christmas wrapping bows on one finger. super cute!
This is a photo of one of the nicest mince pies that I've ever had, it was only a Tescos one, nothing special but there was so much pastry and that's why I loved it, I don't mind the mince but the pastry is definitely the best part for me!

Monday 23rd December
Today is my mum's birthday so this morning we got up super early so she could open some cards and presents and we are all went out for a big family lunch at wildwood! They do my favorite dessert at the moment, Banoffee Sundae which is made of ice cream, toffee sauce, bananas and crushed biscuits! Yum

and it was also the night of the big annual meet up amongst all my friends at the pub! Last year I was working on the night they did it so I was excited for this year!
Tuesday 24th December
I had to get up super early this morning which wasnt easy after last night and Andrews cats keeping us up all night but I had a dentist appointment that had to be attended. It was an emergency one you know, my wisdom teeth appeared earlier this week and after a couple of horror stories from when my dad had his taken out (woke up to a completely red blood stained pillow) I thought I'd better get them checked out. and lucky me, it looks like I'm going in the same direction, they're impacted.

So Andrew cheered me up by ordering a huge Saturday night pizza deal for a pre Christmas lunch ahaha. 

What Have You Been Up To In The Run Up To Christmas?


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