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Hey Guys

Today I fancied doing my first tag and where better to start than with the christmas one?! I've never done a tag on my blog before because I never thought anyone would be interested in those kinds of things, I know most of the time I'm not haha I probably shouldn't have told you that but anyway, I love talking about christmas and now that Andrew is at work I have know one to get excited about chirstmas with/at haha.

Which do you prefer: a real Christmas tree or a synthetic one?
A synthetic one! It's all I've even known, not to mention that when I was younger I watched a programme about someone who bought a real Christmas tree and woke up with a snake in her bed that was hidden in the tree when she bought it. No thank you!!

You’re in a coffee shop, it’s December: what do you pick? 
 This is something completely new to my this year! It was the first time I'd had a christmassy hot drink ever! I started with a white hot chocolate but moved on to my own creation in Costa of a salted caramel hot chocolate. Not sure it's very christmassy but I did go into Costa with the intention of buying a christmas one, I just didnt like the look of any of them.

Which colour-scheme is your favourite for decorating the tree? 
This year I'm really into jewel tones for a tree. I love the pinks, purples and turquoises. 
Giving or receiving? 
Both! Although when it's with Andrew - receiving is definitely better than giving. Firstly because he always gets me the things that I want and secondly, he is terrible at receiving gifts. He just opens it and thats it, start talking about somthing else.

To mince pie or not? 
Of course! Just without the mince bit haha
What’s your traditional Christmas lunch?
A huge roast turkey obvs. All the trimmings plus like 6 desserts. Then all over again a couple hours later with turkey sandwiches, cheese and biscuits, trifle, chocolate, it just goes on and on!

Christmas Day Fashion 
Normally something like skinnies and a jumper or  tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie. As long as it's comfortable, I'm not fussed.

What’s your favourite Christmas film? 
Stardust! Not sure if it counts as a christmas film but it came out around Chirstmas and we all went as a family to see it in the cinema! I love the fantasy.

Open presents before or after lunch? 
That's an odd question?! Who on earth has the will power to wait until after lunch? My brothers normally get up us at about 6 to open them.

So there we have it, My Christmas Tag.

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  1. My Christmas is so different! Firstly we open out presents after lunch ( about 5pm)! I like the sound of a salted caramel hot chocolate x

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    Happy Holidays

  3. What a fun tag, I must try it.

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  5. It is so nice you shared this with us! I totally agree with you as for synthetic three, we must not eliminate real trees if we can have fake that even better! As to me in terms of color on a tree, the RGB is essential and I always try to have those three colors at least. Oh, Stardust is a great movie! Who even give a damn about what is Christmas movie or what is not. Even if my beloved X-mas movie was an Essay Jedi movie, as long it is associated with Christmas to me!


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