LIFESTYLE: My Boyfriend Went To America Haul

If you have been following my lately you may have realized that Andrew has just came back from the most amazing holiday ever! If you read my blog you will probably be as jealous as I was because he went on a cruise that went around the Caribbean, finished in Florida and then he spent 4 days at Disney. Super Jealous! Especially as I was getting photos like this... Everyday!!!
But he did bring me back loads of lovely presents so major boyfriend point there. He spent so much on me and I love everything he picked!
So firstly is the actual Disney themed stuff! Andrew went with his parents and they had time for 3 parks and 1 day of shopping! They spent alot of time at the animal parks because they were his parents choices but on his day they went to universal! That's when he picked up these two for me!
Next up is chocolate! When I worked at the pub one of the girls has come back from NYC with a huge bag of cookies and cream hersheys drops. They were the most amazing things I had ever tasted and I haven't been able to find them anywhere in the UK - whats worse I have found it in chocolate bar form - which is lovely - but nothing compared to these little drops! Luckily Andrew knew all to well about my problem as I would drag him into each and every American food shop we passed, So he picked up a couple of packets for me while he was there!
Andrew and I are both big Hollister fans, he practically lives in his tracksuit bottoms and every Christmas, his family always get us both vouchers! It looks like the stock was exactly the same out there but obviously it was a lot cheaper so he got me a blue tee and some pink tracksuit bottoms, which have been perfect since being unemployed and sitting at home all day looking for jobs! So so comfy!
And lastly, here are all the little souveniry bits he picked up for me from each place he visited! I've got key rings, a photo frame, a snow globe and the cutest little turtle figurine ever!
Andrew had a great time, which I knew he would and were even thinking about going to Flordia next summer if we can afford it! I know it's a huge holiday but next year is a big year for us! It's going to be out 5 year anniversary as well as my 21st. 

I'd Better Start Saving!

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  1. I'm off to Florida next year too! It's just so hard to save, too many nice things to buy!! x

  2. wow, looks like he had a great time! definitely lots of boyf points for Andrew as they're amazing gifts! I'm from the Caribbean, hope he enjoyed the experience:-)x


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