FASHION: Blue Smock Dress And Chunky White Sandals

Monday 31 March 2014

I didn't realise how much I loved this outfit until I just looked at the photos, I think it helped that I was having a bit of a good hair day too haha but still, it is a cute outfit!

I think that blue is one of the colours that suits me best, it always has, whether its a deep royal blue or a light, pastel shade. It changes though the year as my hair gets lighter and darker between dyes and for this tone of hair, I think the pastel blue goes perfectly!

The sandals are super comfy and they give me a little extra height so they are great all round - plus white makes a huge change for me which I am totally in to at the moment. I have so many shoes from SpyLoveBuy, but they always impress, I can never find a bad word to say about them!

This week, Andrew and I confirmed our summer holiday, we're going to Thailand and this outfit will definitely be coming with me! I'm so excited

Id love if you could vote for my look in the Stylefruits Pastel Me Petty Comeptition
Shoes* - SpyLoveBuy
Dress* - WearAll

LIFESTYLE: Food Tour With Eating London

A few weeks age, I did an Eating London Food Tour, amazing, I didn't know things like food tours existed but it was a really great experience and the perfect day for it. London is beautiful in the sunshine! I even got my sunglasses out for the occasion!

 The tour consists of eight yummy food stops and lots of east London history headed by Emily - our tour guide, she was amazing, so enthusiastic and knowledgeable - I learnt so much about east London that I didn't know - I can totally see how it got into the Top 20 things to do in London. I think any one who enjoyed food would love this, tourist or not!
So, our first stop was St. John Bread & Wine - We were here to try London's best voted bacon sandwich, how excited and the perfect way to start the our at about 10.45! We were taken into a very odd looking room - apparently it used to be a bank but is now its the bakery and restaurant. We started off with a quarter square of bacon sandwich each to get the tour started!

Just a little down the road we arrived at The English Restaurant. Emily told us that the wooden interior was taken from a 17th century church as the end of the road after it was waterlogged!
It was still the morning but as Emily said "We're on tour so its perfectly acceptable to have pudding fro breakfast" it was time for a bread and butter pudding. My dad loves these things but I always keep away, they just don't appeal to me but this was different, it was served up in individual pots with custard and looked delicious unlike any I've seen before, and it was, I'm converted!!
 Next we went back into Spitalfields for a cheese break at Androuet - the guys in there explained to us all about the cheeses and then we ate some, Duh!
Now somewhere that I was interested to try - Poppies Fish and Chips. You couldn't have an English food tour and not stop at a fist and chip shop and we were lucky that it just so happened to be voted the best in the UK! It has that 50s diner vibe and I must admit, it was very good! The batter was crispy and the peas were a pretty green!
Taking a small break from food, we walked to brick lane to visit a pub called the Pride of Spitalfiels which also had an award - East London Pub of the Year for 2013 and its very own resident cat called Lenny. It was very odd walking into a pub and seeing a cat sat on the sofa haha. We tried an ale and a cider, neither of which I liked - the cider wasn't too bad but I'm a strawberry and lime girl at heart.
 Brick lane is famous for its curry houses and although I am a little baby when it comes to spicy foods, I was really looking forward to getting the chance to try some dishes without wasting a whole portion! We all sat down at Aladin and tried Chicken Madras (too hot for me), Lamb Pathia (second spiciest and surprisingly my favourite - it was super sweet, that's probably why) and Vegetable Bhuna (not bad, not bad!) with naan obviously and a huge glass of water!
Now for my favourite stop! The Bagel Bake. This is like a family thing for me, my parents love it, my grandparents love it, and what with us being Jewish and all, well, you know haha the first time I came here was in the middle of the night with my family on the way home for a big meal, my dad stopped and bought us all bagels haha I will always remember that so I was super excited to go back, I even brought one back for the parents! ohh I could so eat another one right now!
And sadly, we were now at our last top - Pizza East - This was right above where I went for musical bingo a few weeks ago, remember? We finished the tour with a cup of tea and the most amazing chocolate, salted caramel tart. It was a tiny slice but more than enough, it was so rich but the perfect way to finish up, if it wasn't sweet I would have had to eat chocolate after haha

The tout costs £59 per adult which I guess is quite alot but you definitely leave full up and it really is a great thing to do when your in town. I would 100% recommend for any food lovers like me :)

LIFESTYLE: Solid Chocolate Easter Egg

Sunday 30 March 2014

Seriously guys, this is something I have always dreamed about as a kid and an Easter egg addict haha at 700g of solid chocolate, thats a lot of chocolate and this thing is heavy! It's also very good chocolate, it smells amazing when you open the packet, I definitely had to control myself! I find with things like this the best thing to do it take a few pieces then pack it up and put it away, if I just left it on the table I'd probably just eat the whole thing in one go haha. Although, that means it is going to take me forever to eat, which is going to put me behind on the Easter egg stakes this year! So what, I may not reach a new personal best on the amount of Easter eggs but at least I will be able to say I ate a solid chocolate Easter egg*!

They come in milk, white or dark and are £19.99 each -

 Challenge Accepted!

FASHION: Camo Style With Motel, Primark And Havianas

Saturday 29 March 2014

Hands up if you thought Havianas were only flip flops? *raises hand* when they got in touch and asked if I'd like to style a pair of their espadrilles I was a bit confused haha but upon checking out the site, I discovered that they not only do flip flops and now espadrilles, but also trainers and rain boots.

These are super comfy and the sole is just as soft as a flip flop although it feels very strong and there is alot of grip underneath. I love the pink stitching on them and the pixel camo print which looks great with my little camo crop! I picked it up at the Motel sample sale a few years ago but haven't really worn it properly yet, not sure why, I love it!

I'm also wearing one of my amazing January bargians, I found this skirt in Primark marked up for £4 in the sale which was amazing enough, but when I got it to the till it ended up costing just £2.50! I've needed a black skater skirt for a while love and I love how the material is such a deep black!

I'm so excited for summer to finally arrive, I think it's about time I start shaving my legs again *oops*

Crop - Motel Rocks Sample Sale
Skirt - Primark

LIFESTYLE: Lindt Chocolate With Mum

Thursday 27 March 2014

One of the biggest things my mum and I have in common? Our love of chocolate, and any other junk food we might have in the house. You guys think I'm bad? I'm nothing compared to her! I have memories of when we used to eat lunch together when I came home from college, we'd both have a sandwich, then she would move on to 3 bags of crisps and 2 double twirls haha.

In my house you have to label your food if you want to keep hold of it and if my chocolate goes missing - which is does quite often - you can be 100% sure it's my mum who has taken it. I've caught her in the act so many times. But this time I was sent some chocolates to share with her for Mother's day! Cheeky, she didn't have to steal it from my stash haha

These smelt absolutely amazing, they smell like expensive chocolate, like you can just tell you know? We loved the creme brulee and chocotale brownie ones!! My dad works some evenings so we took that opportunity to share these whilst watching an ANTM repeat this week! #GirlTime.

Thanks Lindt!

FASHION: Leopard Bomber Jacket From F&F

Wednesday 26 March 2014

When the F&F team found out that I had gotten myself a new internship they were kind enough to send me a voucher to pick some new clothes for it. Now, being in digital marketing, it's not all suits and ties, and although this is a little outrageous I couldn't resist picking it, and I'm sure I could get away with it!

It's a really cool material for a bomber jacket, kind of scuba/neoprene style and it's so comfy! I thought it might be a big challenging to style but I wear alot of black when it's not boiling hot outside so it goes perfectly with that. I think it will look super cute over a pair of denim shorts and a crop when it gets warmer too! Either way, I can see this jacket getting alot of wear!
Jacket* - F&F
Cami - New Look (Gifted Voucher)
Jeans - Primark

LIFESTYLE: Mothers Day Flowers

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Flowers are always a perfect little extra gift to give your mum on mothers day and I was delighted when The Great British Florist offered to send me a bunch for my mum! 

They sent us a pretty pink and cream bunch, perfect pastel colours for this time of year and I love that they are all sorts of shapes and sizes. They arrived in perfect condition and were ready to give to my mum as soon as they did! They were wrapped up beautifully and tied with a shabby chic brown string and tag (which was plain on the back so you can write a cute little message on it!)

How cute is this little story they had on their mother day page about why we give flowers?!

"When young girls and boys were in service - think Downton Abbey - were allowed one day to visit their family - and this day was usually Mothering Sunday. The tradition of sending flowers came from this, as often they were allowed to take flowers from the conservatory or the garden as a gift."

FASHION: McCains & Primark Jumper For Joy

This might be the very first time alot of you will see me with my glasses on, and one of the last, I don't wear them out very often but I was just feeling it today you know?

I'm sure you've seen this jumper on TV and in the Metro (which is where I first spotted it.) I wanted one straight away, they are so funny and for £12 they really aren't too bad, plus you can pick one up in Primark - not to mention the 50P off chips voucher you get with it!! Could it get any better?! Well, they are made in Britain, just like McCain Chips haha
I remember when I was younger, every weekend my parents would go out to dinner and my grandparents would come around to baby sit, we would watch blind date and eat McCain's, microwave chips (and microwave pizzas I seem to remember?!) I loved Saturday nights haha 
Styling this jumper as always is with one of my 9 pairs of my Primark skinny jeans - total bargains and my much loved everyday classic converse!

Jumper* - Primark/McCain
Jeans - Primark

FASHION: Batiste Style

Monday 24 March 2014

I go about Batiste on here all the time, I just love the stuff so much, it has saved me on many occasions! I now keep a mini can in my bag wherever I go and another can at Andrews house as thats normally when I need it most!, My hair just seems to get greasier at his house haha.

Today I decided to match my outfits up with some of my favorite scents - Monochrome, Oriental, Cherry, Floral and Tropical!

What do you think?

FASHION: Mothers Day Style With Accessorize

These little Accessorize videos always have the cutest kids in them! How sweet is the, dark long haired little girl with the pink flowers crown on!? and she has the prettiest dress on too! I'm loving the big pink floral prints on white backgrounds at the moment, getting me in the summer mood! These videos always make me jealous because I always get to the end of it and end up wanting a lot of the kids range for myself haha I would definitely wear that dress if it came in my size! so so pretty!

Its just a few days left until mothers day now! I think I'm going to be spending it with Andrew and his family this year as my dad is working - mothers day isn't huge for us although me and my brothers always take the opportunity to get mum a cute card and a gift! I have just realised that I am yet to buy my mum anything oops, Id better ask her haha we really aren't a family of surprises and I know I am much better off to actually ask her what she would like rather than just go and buy it! 

How Are You Spending Mothers Day?
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