LIFESTYLE: Dot Com Gift Shop And Yazoo Chocolate Milkshakes

As you may know, I had my wisdom teeth out last week and up until a few days ago I was living on liquids - cans of soup and chocolate milkshakes to be exact. I can now eat again but am finding it super hard to wean myself off of having all that yummy chocolate milkshake every day, especially for breakfast - they are just so yummy! 

Yazoo sent me a couple of vouchers to feed my addiction and I have been drinking them out of these super sure cute little milk bottles with the paper straws that I got from the Dot Com Gift Shop a little while ago. Chocolate milk is already amazing but drinking them out of these just makes everything better!

How Am I Ever Going To Give Up Now?!

Milkshakes*- Yazoo
Bottles, Holder & Straws* - Dot Com Gift Shop

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