FASHION: Swimwear365 SS14 Press Day

It was actually a Swimwear365 and Look Again SS14 press day that I went to last week but I was primarily there with Swimwear365, and at first glance of the range I fell in love with the ombre bikinis as well as a few of the others haha. The checkered set was super cute and I loved the half and half one too, I even took a liking to a couple of the swimsuits which surprised me! There was a lovely sunset silhouette one! All of which were a great quality, that's something that definitely stood out!

Whilst there I also got to make a small video chatting about my favourite pieces and my blog which you can see below, omg haha I also had a quick chat and a photo with Stacey Solomon who just so happen to be the face of Look Again (and who I also just so happened to have gone to school with) before having a catch up with some blogger friends over champagne and canapés!

 After the event, there were just a few of us bloggers left so we jumped in a cab with the swimwear365 girls and made our way down to kingly court for cocktail making at Bittersweet! So much fun as usual, I love cocktail making classes, it gives me a chance to try loads of new drinks that I would never have gone for otherwise. We were greeted with flowers garlands and peach Bellini's (which I can now say is one of my favourite drinks) and were taken behind the bar, two at a time to make our own! I firstly chose to make one called the affair, all passion fruit and mangoes, not what I'd normally go for if I was out but tonight was about trying something new, it was actually my favourite of them both in the end, I think because when he asked me to pour in 25ml for sugar syrup, I kind of just kept pouring! yummy

 My next cocktail was called a sour struddle which was apple and pear flavoured, it totally tasted like sherbet though, it was a little overpowering for me! I asked the barman for a strawberry to make it look pretty, he wasn't impressed and told me is didn't go. He ended up giving me half a strawberry haha

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