LIFESTYLE: Selfies With Molly

I was contacted by Animal Friends to take part in their latest competition - basically taking a selfie with your pet, how could I turn that down, Molly would never forgive me - she loves the camera! Actually she loves the SLR, she's scared of my phone haha she must know how bad the quality is but I took this cheeky one for the competition, one evening last week while we were snuggling on the sofa watching TV together.

I think she knows I'm not 100% at the moment because she has been giving me loads of attention and sitting with me all day. I think she knows what ill smells like haha lovely.

P.s Ohh myy goossshhh. I just did a quick search for my baby photos of her, how cute was she?!


  1. The second I come near Mae with my camera she starts to pose. She refuses to post WITH me though!

  2. She is absolutely darling! This post is making me want to get a dog or a puppy! x


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