BEAUTY: Lush's Blousy Shampoo

Last week was the first time in over a month that I've had a shower at home haha I do wash don't worry, just recently it's been at Andrew's house because he has a bath and I have been enjoying relaxing in it!

So when I stepped into my shower today I was pleased to see a lovely new pot of Lush's Blousy sat in the corner that I'd forgotten all about! It's marketed as a thick and deeply moisturising, 100% natural shampoo (a quarter of the pot is banana appaz), its a bit funny looking, and a bit funny smelling for that matter - Its vey strong - and a bit funny feeling too, not what you'd expect from a shampoo. It's very thick and you have to dig your fingers in and scoop it out. I definitely get the banana reference in the smell, although its not 100% banana you can definitely pick it up, as well as the consistency giving it away a little, it's like really smooth baby food which it was very strange when it (finally) started lathering haha I was also very confused to read some other reviews who all said it didnt lather at all..

The bubbles were very thick and the type that just don't pop, like double amount but tiny, tiny bubbles, it was like a mousse, very nice, I liked it! When I came out I could instantly tell my hair was alot softer, it also smelt like the product! As I was drying it, it was knottier than normal but then again it was a lot easier to untangle than normal as well.

I'm happy with the product and would definitely use it again, my hair smells great and is super soft so it was worth those slight tangles earlier, although for £18 a pot, that's a little bit pricey for unemployed me!

Have You Used Blousey Before? 


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  1. Really want to try this and other Lush shampoos as they sound amazing!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin'


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