LIFESTYLE: #AlproAM Part 1

At the moment, my mornings consist of getting up, playing with Molly for 15 minutes until she gets bored and then going to the kitchen for a smoothie, out of a carton. I've been drinking pre-made smoothies for breakfast for the past few months now so when I was contacted by Alpro and asked if I wanted to take part in their #AplroAM (Alpro Almond Mornings) challenge, I thought it might be a nice way to kick-start my transition from premade smoothies into healthy fresh ones!

The campaign is all about getting people interested in starting their day healthily. This 7 day challenge involves my making a quick and easy smoothie each morning for breakfast using their unsweetened almond milk. I normally try to avoid smoothies with milk in them as  I am actually a tiny bit lactose intolerant and feel like death after every one, If you been following me recently you will know I'm on a bit of a milkshake hype at the moment and suffer after everytime, (I just cant help it, they taste so good but make me feel so bad) So this was a very welcome challenge.

Here's my first smoothie. Luckily I was at Andrews so we scouted out his super old smoothie make which his mum agreed to let be borrow for a week! After getting it set up and in place in my kitchen we tried out our first smoothie. I thought I better go for something easy and a flavour that I know I like so we started with strawberry and banana. Two humongous strawberries, half a banana and enough almond to fill the glass and we were good to go.

I was scared to use the blender so Andrew actually made the first one but that soon changed, its so much fun!
 Next up, I wanted to try somthing a little bit more to my tastes, basically somthing with more chocolate haha. When I was on holiday last year there was this amazing "Mocktail" which was basically a chocolate and banana smoothie. I was obcessed, drinking 2 or 3 a day haha I decided to try to recreate that - And this one I did all by my self! These things are so easy to make, you just throw all the ingredients that you fancy in and whizz it all up.
After discovering just how easy it was I decided I wanted to try a 'thorw anything together' smoothie. I had a look in the fridge and all that was left were grapes and a bag of orange so hey presto, we have an orange and grapes smoothie. It actually ended up being everyones favourite including mine, it was very refeshing and tasty!
Day four, I was a little bit cheeky. I've now run out of fruit and it was cold so I decided to try a hot chocolate, since I have banised them from my normal everyday routine due to the lascoste issue. It was so nice to have one again, it tasted quite creamy and was just as nice and I didnt feel ill for the rest of the day, result!!
I need to go shopping for some more fruit so I'm going to end the post here and get back to you with the rest of my creations next week, hopefully! I'm getting four wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow which I'm reaaally not looking forward too!

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  1. Yay! I couldn't wait for this post- I <3 dark hot chocolate almond milk


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