LIFESTYLE: Lindt Chocolate With Mum

One of the biggest things my mum and I have in common? Our love of chocolate, and any other junk food we might have in the house. You guys think I'm bad? I'm nothing compared to her! I have memories of when we used to eat lunch together when I came home from college, we'd both have a sandwich, then she would move on to 3 bags of crisps and 2 double twirls haha.

In my house you have to label your food if you want to keep hold of it and if my chocolate goes missing - which is does quite often - you can be 100% sure it's my mum who has taken it. I've caught her in the act so many times. But this time I was sent some chocolates to share with her for Mother's day! Cheeky, she didn't have to steal it from my stash haha

These smelt absolutely amazing, they smell like expensive chocolate, like you can just tell you know? We loved the creme brulee and chocotale brownie ones!! My dad works some evenings so we took that opportunity to share these whilst watching an ANTM repeat this week! #GirlTime.

Thanks Lindt!


  1. It's lovely that you made an evening of it, and the chocolates look lovely!

    S xo.

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