FASHION: Missguided Zuzka Dogtooth Playsuit

How cute does the playsuit look on?! At first I really wasn't 100% sure about it as I'm more a brighter colour kind of girl, but I think it works really nicely since my hair has washed out and isn't such a deep brown, getting ready for summer!

I was also totally worried about what shoes I was going to pair it, but my new boohoo heels came to the rescue as I can imagine they will with alot of my summer outfit being the only pair of white heels that I own! I love their chunky perspex heel which makes walking in them easy and the thick straps which gives me some reassurance that they aren't just going to fall off my feet, a weird fear I get with strappy shoes haha, just me?

I love that the playsuit comes with a belt - saved me alot of trouble of finding one that matched! It pulled me in perfectly at the waist and added a little bit of extra detail and shine! It also has a super cute scallop detailing at each leg!

Playsuit* - Missguided
Shoes* - BooHoo



  1. If I had your figure I'd live in things like this! xx

  2. v cute playsuit - perfect colour for spring! x

  3. That's an awesome playsuit, I think girls look so great in those. You look beautiful as always (:

    Take care,


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