FASHION: Red And Blue Strech Bracelets From Lola And Grace

Andrew and I went out for Wagamamaas on Fridays night on what seems to be out new weekly tradition - not that that's a problem haha its so good - and when we realised that for some reason Westfield was quieter than usual I took this opportunity to talk him into popping into a few shops while it was empty! 

First stop - Lola & Grace and I just couldn't resist but to get myself  two new stretch bracelets. I just love them so much, so dainty and easy to put on with anything really. I already have two pink ones and a baby blue one and when I walked into the sparkling shop, I was surprised at how many other colours there were, poor Andrew haha I picked up about ten different ones and spent a little while deciding but finished up with a red one and a dark blue one to add to my growing collection. They were £19.90 each and since I was a fan of the Instagram page I got a cute little make the moment bracelet to go with it!


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