BEAUTY: Nail Art UK Polishes

While I was laying in bed too exhausted from my painful wisdom teeth to move the other day, my mum came in with a package that had just arrived for me which certainly cheered me up! New nail polishes yey! My nails had been horrible and bear since my little operation because I had to take it off so when these arrived I was excited to make my hands look pretty again! even if the rest of me still looked terrible haha.

I have always been a fan of the nail art colours, they are quite thick which I always like in a polish as it makes the colour look deep and dense, this is a must for me, I hate wishy washy polishes! They have easy to use brushes and a good shape bottle and they have the best range of colours with cute little names. I was sent two pastels, two neon's and two glitters! I went straight in for the pastel blue with a glitter accent - perfect for spring. I'm really into pastel nails at the moment, but the right kind, I hate when they are too light and just blend into my skin tone. The neon's are going to be great for summer and I love a glitter mani all year round! and they took a good 3 days to start chipping, not bad!!

Whats Your Favorite?

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