LIFESTYLE: #AplroAM Part 2

Time to show you guys my last few smoothies! I had to skip say five since I was having my teeth pulled out and I spent that day in hospital - fun fun - so here are days six and day seven. Smoothies have been great for my mouth in the mean time, I've enjoyed drinking them with my sore gums!

 They were a little bit simpler since I'm a little fragile and lazy at the moment haha day 6 was two squeezed oranges and their pulp mixed with a glass of  unsweetened almond milk, which was nicer that I expected! This milk is alot less sickly, could you imagine mixing orange juicy and pulp with normal milk?.. yeah haha this was quite nice though
and day 7 was apple and strawberry - this was yummy. I'm loving the flavour combinations in this one and it's a pretty colour too!

So, that's the end of my #AplroAM challenge and I really enjoyed working on it. Almond milk is definitely going to make an appearance in my fridge from now on, it's great to drink something like milk that doesn't make me feel horrible and sluggish, I felt much healthier and would totally recommend it to anyone with any kind of slight lactose problem!

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