FASHION: Mothers Day Style With Accessorize

These little Accessorize videos always have the cutest kids in them! How sweet is the, dark long haired little girl with the pink flowers crown on!? and she has the prettiest dress on too! I'm loving the big pink floral prints on white backgrounds at the moment, getting me in the summer mood! These videos always make me jealous because I always get to the end of it and end up wanting a lot of the kids range for myself haha I would definitely wear that dress if it came in my size! so so pretty!

Its just a few days left until mothers day now! I think I'm going to be spending it with Andrew and his family this year as my dad is working - mothers day isn't huge for us although me and my brothers always take the opportunity to get mum a cute card and a gift! I have just realised that I am yet to buy my mum anything oops, Id better ask her haha we really aren't a family of surprises and I know I am much better off to actually ask her what she would like rather than just go and buy it! 

How Are You Spending Mothers Day?

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  1. dear lord this is the cutest video ever! Bless them all! I'm visiting my mum right now but i'm leaving on Thursday which is just a few days before mothers day, boo! So I think we're gonna have a little shin dig on Wednesday :) x


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