LIFESTYLE: Inamo St James - Regent Street

Andrew and I have decided that we want to try more intersting and exciting resturants togeher. as much as we both love Nandos and Wagamamas, and we really do,  going there once a week kinda gets a bit repetative! we recently tried out a super fun Japanese in Regent Street called Inamo. It's an interactive restaurant so use order your food and drinks using the interactive table that your eating at, lots of fun! I started with some salmon and avocado sushi rolls - such a good food combination! Andrew started with pork ribs which was an obvious choice for him, hes a crazy meat lover haha they were quite nice to be fair, sticky and sweet. I always have a taste of what he's eating, he hates it! For mains, we both ordered crispy duck pancakes, lucky Andrew - I didn't need to taste a bite of his! Food was good and we were both surprisingly full up afterwards! Not sure I'd go again but definitely glad we did this time, it was a great experience.

Have You Been To Inamo?

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  1. I love Inamo! Tom and I go all the time! Such great food and fun menus x


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